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      Decades ago capitalism met medicine. The pitch was that competition would deliver the best medicine

      We would have to vaccinate nearly a million a day to meet the goal by summer.

      We cannot do it. We are not even close.

      One reason: for profit public companies don’t build “shareholder value” by keeping “excess” infrastructure

      The American Dream

    • Tabris

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      This is the sad reality we have to face with the COVID-19 vaccination unfortunately. Another thing that is regretful is the war between countries on whose vaccine is better. Until the system changes the only plausible salvation seems to be a better immunization with natural products and vitamins. At the end of the day this virus is not as deadly as it was presented by the mass media. The mongering and fear driven propaganda need to stop at a point. People should start using products like that promote a better immunity and health. The vaccine is not the only way.

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      Texas ice storm blackouts another example of capitalism run amuck

      the problem isn’t capitalism, its people.

      Pretty amazing what we are actually accomplishing now with vaccines and it still could actually be too little, too late

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