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    • chad1336

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      1. First Home Super Bowl Team
      2. Health is as good as we could have hoped for. Welcome back Vita Vea!
      3. Offense and Defense both peaking at the right time
      4. John Lynch finally getting voted into the Hall of Fame
      5. Steven Stamkos’ birthday who by the way also finally won his first Stanley Cup
      6. Tampa Bay Rays repping in the World Series

      On the other side of the coin…
      1. Kansas City are without their two starting offensive tackles, just what we need to get consistent pressure with four down linemen.
      2. There is a sense of overconfidence for the Kansas City team right now
      3. Distraction with Andy Reid’s son being involved in driving under intoxication

      Can you guys think of anything else?

    • BuccaneerBlood

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      It’s Superbowl 55 and Derrick Brooks is co chair of the Superbowl Host Committee.

    • Lawdy

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      lucky #7 ring for Tom

    • Lawdy

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      green bay packers and kansas city cheifs were the 2 original teams in the superbowl. and the bucs will be playing them consecutively. no other superbowl team can say that

    • BP1

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      Media all seems to be picking against the Bucs. Same as last time we played in the Super Bowl. They said the Bucs defense can’t stop the Raiders powerful offense. Now it’s we can’t stop Mahomes.

    • kenntak

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      It’s funny, the consensus of the experts picking KC is overwhelming, like around 75%. However, two football board games have had players do Super Bowl pre-play games, and both of those games had the Bucs winning most of the games. Maybe those gamers know something that the experts don’t!

    • buc_boi

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      It was cold on Christmas Day

      I’ve never had more trick or treaters than I did this past Halloween.

      Its crazy how this year is our year



      Holy hell

    • BucsBraves8016

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      1983 Season. Defending Super Bowl Champion beats a Conference Champion by 2 points, 47-45 in the regular season. The team that lost was missing several defenders and a 17-0 run in the game helped the winning team get the victory.

      Later that season, Super Bowl 18, those same defending champions who scored the most points at the time in NFL History and had a top defense played the same team in the big game that they had beat earlier by 2. Except this time, the challengers were healthy. Another factoid, was that Super Bowl was played in Tampa. That was Washington vs Los Angeles Raiders. Final Score. Los Angeles 38 Washington 9. Sounds like a similar setup? Basically the same thing. I expect the same result. Bucs beat the Chefs comfortably with them scoring late to make the game closer than it really will be. Tampa Bay dominates!!!! BUCS 38 Chefs 24.

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