An early look at the next wave of nfl head coaches

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    Jesus, Harry… Way to go bud.

    Hey I have a job interview today, wish me luck buddy!

    Tell ’em you’re 25% AA, might improve your odds whether you’re qualified or not.

    Talking out of your ass again. Any employer who would hire a less qualified person to a position deserves less profitability or productivity. What’s really a problem is: automatically assuming a person is less qualified based on their class, sexual orientation, race or national origin. It does appear you are an automatic assumer.  It would be wrong of me to assume that you are gay or less than a man just because you are a nurse. Sorry, but I do. But it might have more to do with the persona you portray. An emotional drama queen and an aggravating little menopausal bitch.

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Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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