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    • blah

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    • TheChronicHotAir

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      Impeach Andy Reid!

      His words drove britt reid into action.

    • Boid Fink

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      I just hope the little child injured in this just gets better.

      Reid has dealt with a lot of bullcrap. And now this before one of the bigger games in his life…knucklehead.

    • Mr.Hat

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      His son is pretty much a fuck up

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      I’m hoping that little child recovers…. for his/her parents sake and for Britt Reid’s

    • Tampa Bay Todd

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      Seems there is always at least one huge distraction that happens right before the Super Bowl every year. Guess this is the one for this year. How could this not weigh on Andy Reid’s mind the rest of the weekend. But, just like Joe J in the Bucs Super Bowl run, have to find a way to focus on the games. Such a shame and also hope this little kid can get stabilized and recover fully.

    • BeachBumBuc

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      I seem to recall another son of Reid’s was addicted to drugs when he was in Philly and he died I thought.

      Seems like he can’t manage his own kids. Just saying …

      Now a kid is in jeopardy of dying.

      Great guy to root for…

Viewing 6 reply threads
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