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      Trump described the supposedly coming Foxconn facility as the “eighth wonder of the world”

      “This is one of the great deals, ever,” he said at the ceremony. The proposed facility would employ more than 13,000 Wisconsin workers and manufacture high-resolution LCD screens. And it would be huge, he said. “Think of it: more than 20 million feet, and that’s probably going to be a minimal number,” he claimed. The factory, Trump said, was evidence he was bringing manufacturing back to the United States, “restoring America’s industrial might.”


      :”But nearly four years later, the complex that promised to create a Silicon Valley in the industrial Midwest is essentially a white elephant, a collection of mostly empty buildings without any high-tech products to build.

      And this week it became official: The pledged investment of up to $10 billion to create as many as 13,000 jobs is not coming.

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