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    • BeachBumBuc

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      This insures continuity. If Godwin gets hurt again or we lose Evans to injury we have a guy to slide in. Also, I stress that this prolific receiver who is a first ballot HOF player will have time to fully integrate and learn the offense.

      As season wore on he was really coming on and back in total game shape.

      I honestly believe he is the difference maker. He is Tom’s security blanket and with Gio B arriving signed in as the pass catching back this offense is gonna be crazy great.

      I would argue there has never been a deeper better receiving core in the history of the NFL.

    • BadabingBucs

      Post count: 101

      completely agree.

      i was surprised to see how many were ready to kick him and fournette to the side

      sign them and push cap dollars down the road.

    • mjs020294

      Post count: 93

      This offense is ridiculously stacked. There has never been an offense with so many weapons from the WR core to three solid TEs. Not to mention two very good RBs that know the offense.

      If we could just get a top tier HOF type QB to pull the strings the Bucs would be unstoppable. 🤣

    • buc-in-out

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      Mike, Godwin, AB, Scooter, Tyler Johnson, Gronk, OJ and Brate, with Fournette, Rojo and Gio Bernard? Oh and not to mention Tom freaking Brady behind a top 5 Oline.

      There has never been a more talented and deep offense assembled in the NFL, ever. The ’99 Rams didn’t have depth like the ’21 Bucs do.

      With a full offseason and the GOAT in his second season in this offense, I expect the Bucs to average 33+ points a game.

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      I agree with the consensus that this offense is loaded with weapons and will make many defensive coordinators shit their pants when they think about planning against it.

      Which is why the O-Line needs to be shored up in the draft.

    • Runole

      Post count: 2245

      AGREE WITH EVERYONE ABOVE! Exciting times for any Buc’s fan.

    • Hockey Duckie

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      Don’t scare me like that! I thought AB had reneged on his contract with the bucs. Resign means to quit. Re-sign means to sign again. They are both pronounced the same way, but when written have completely different meanings. LoL

      Y’all gotta stop giving me heart attacks about falsely implying a player quit our team!

    • creamsicles

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      I’m thrilled we secured AB at a reasonable price (and Gio). I think we were a top 10 offense without him. I think we are a top 3 offense with him.

      I’d now be happy if we could extend Godwin. I’d rather keep or trade him in 2022, but don’t want to lose him for a comp pick next year. It could also free some cap to add a couple of vets for quality depth who will give us the Brady discount at thin positions.

    • Boid Fink

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      Now they need to go draft Creed, and a defensive end, and a linebacker and safety. That’s game baby!

    • BuccaneerBlood

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      We have a Madden roster it’s insane… Year 2 coming up? Watch out defenses lol. Offenses are gonna have their hands full with our Defense. Teams having a year of tape on our team won’t matter. Barring major injuries we are destined for greatness this year.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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