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    • buc-in-out

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      Anyone in Tampa who’s been attending TC have any feedback on how he’s looked? I haven’t heard a word about him all off-season.

    • The Anti-Java

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      There was a shot of him on Hard Knocks, digging a nice play by his boy DeSean.

    • OTownBucFan

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      I don’t remember the source but I saw somewhere a clip of Koetter saying he showed up to camp bigger than they had liked. Thats all that was said. Seems like maybe he moved down here and wasn’t as much focused on staying in shape as he was signing a contract, buying a house etc.

    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

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      Ira Kaufman asked some people in the Redskins organization about Baker and they said “Good player, but doesn’t like to practice.”

      I think he’ll be fine and will be a hell of an addition. Redskins fans absolutely hated to see him go…

    • Madman

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      Eagles fans hated to play against him, I know that. He’ll show up on game day. A big presence in the middle with swagger.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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