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    • Brooks Dunn-Winston

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      … and a HUGE JW fan, I just can’t defend him anymore. I hope he’s being suspended for failure to report, I hope they haven’t found incriminating evidence, I HOPE he’s innocent, but ….

      I just don’t know. I don’t want the Bucs to cut him, but they can’t possibly give him a big extension. I don’t know. I just don’t care anymore. He exhausts me.

    • Cerious

      Post count: 995

      Please understand that failing to report is a violation of the personal conduct policy. The league is not going to say he is being suspended for “failure to report the incident”. It will be that he violated the conduct policy. We are all hoping they indicate which part of the policy he violated.

      There isn’t any incriminating evidence, the restaurant is already on the record of saying there is no video tape of the the Uber going thru the drive thru.

      • Hey Hey Tampa Bay

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        When one of your children says the other child did something do you just say, where is your evidence? Winston IS the problem child.

    • Ava’Jeno

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      You’re better than pensacolabuc that’s for sure… he’s got every excuse in the book!!! And for those still clamoring to the hope that he just simply didn’t report the incident… it has already been confirmed that he and Darby lied about him being in the Uber the whole time… so stop hoping he simply forgot to report and start hoping he just told a lie with the same guy who vouched for him at Florida state because they forgot who got out first….

    • Buc780

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      Definitely annoying. As a die hard bucs fan living in Canada I’ve spent countless hours defending this guy and all these allegations over the years. Been having to defend his play too as everyone around here only see’s him as a turnover machine. It’s getting so tiring.

      I’ll give him the year but if we have a losing record again and Winston doesn’t show serious progression, I will be on board with the blow up. Coach, GM and QB. Again..

    • BucBalla85

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      Its simple really. If he is guilty of what he is being accused of then he deserves all the justice for it. If this is about failure to report and lying about what happened then this isnt as big as a deal. Suspension worthy ok, but not cut him worthy.

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