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      I watched this video and it made me wonder if this is just a common thing with head coaches. They lie sometimes to reach a goal. I remember some players saying Gruden lied to them. the eyes of the known world on the Patriots and Bill Belichick, there are opinions aplenty. So it's always valuable to get the point of view from people who have actually dealt with the people in question. That number includes the legendary Punky QB, Jim McMahon. Once a thorn in the NFL's side for his outspoken ways as a member of the Chicago Bears, McMahon still doesn't bother holding back. And he's got a personal grudge against Belichick."Anything that has to do with Bill Belichick, I can care less," McMahon told Dan Patrick. "I was with Bill in Cleveland in 1995. He lied to my face."Per McMahon, Belichick told him during the 1995 preseason that he would be waived and picked up shortly afterward, and would be paid for the time he wasn't with the team. McMahon agreed, but then wasn't paid. He eventually signed with Green Bay, playing a single game in 1995. "I wouldn't have moved to Cleveland just to move to Cleveland," he said. "I just don't trust any of those guys."Patrick then asked McMahon point-blank if he thought Belichick was a cheater."I know he's a liar," McMahon said. "Cheating ain't far behind, i wouldn't think."

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