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    • FireLicht2020

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      God bless Capitalism!

      This is the market at work!

      I will now start shopping at BB&B again for this excellent move.


      Post count: 2745

      Bucs are in the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

      First playoff win since 02.

      & people still caring (& bringing) politics to this board?


    • leeroybuc93

      Post count: 1378

      Wow. What an unbelievable tool. The OP I mean. I don’t care about that other shit.

    • buc_boi

      Post count: 3361

      About as much of a Bucs fan as you are a Trump supporter.

    • cvillebucfan

      Post count: 826

      Applauding retail stores for canceling an American made company because they supported a president they didn’t approve of. This being done all while continuing to sell products that American companies have sent overseas to China to be produced. Really sound logic here…

      Now imagine a world where Kohls and BBB cancel American companies who have their products manufactured overseas…

    • m_j

      Post count: 544

      yepp, last thing we need here and now is politics.

      enjoy what our team is doing, this is huge. go bucs!

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