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    • seekpar

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      Brady outdid Manning by getting in done with his second team in one year instead of four.

      • JC5100

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        In fairness to Manning, Broncos were up 35-28 with 41 seconds left and Ravens were at their own 30 with no timeouts.

    • BucBalla85

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      Of course he did. Was easily his closest competition and if they switched teams there is a chance we might be referring to Manning as the goat. Bradys teams were always just that much better. Now is that because of Brady, we found out this year that we can’t count that out at all. He definitely deserves his share of credit for that ne dynasty.


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      And he can outdo manning again by winning a 2nd in tampa.

      Chances we win another?

      I’d put it damn near at 50%, personally.

    • Greattimes

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      Bump to get rid of advertising post.

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