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      If we want all(or most) of our FAs back. This will be the best way to create cap space This year.

      Sounds like he wants one as well.

      Stoked for 2-3 more years of the goat!

    • TBChucky

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      If structured properly an extension would definitely help give us some cap relief this season. I hope they’ve had some serious conversations with Brady about his intentions. It’d be nice to have a replacement ready to go not named Gabbert when the GOAT decides to call it quits..

    • JC5100

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      A Donovan Smith extension makes just as much sense.

    • Joey

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      super easy. tear up his contract, signs a new deal.

      $15 mil signing bonus
      $10 mil next year
      $27 mil year 2
      $30 mil year 3

      …I think Brady would go for that. not like he needs the money.

    • Joey

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      plus signing these guys will be easy. they know the cap situation this year. example

      Chris Godwin.

      5 year deal:

      10 mil signing bonus then

      year 1. (whatever the fair amount per year, you agree to with him) – 10 million
      year 2. whatever the fair amount you agree with him
      all other years, same. easy.

      do a similar deal with Shaq. bingo.

    • BucBalla85

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      Well I’m sure that winning a super bowl in year 1 opened a lot of eyes including Bradys. So if they can do that in year one imagine what they can do with some more time with each other and with some other guys who will want to come and win. Big opportunity to become a little dynasty here and if they make the right moves that could happen.

    • inspecto

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      Lets repeat to make it 3 Total SB Championship Teams

    • mjs020294

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      If he gets an extension it will be very cap friendly 2021 but still guarantee him pretty much what his current deal does. Brady has said all along he will play until he is 45, so we have him for two years.

      Signing Bonus $30 Million

      2021 – $2 Million Salary ($12 Million Cap)
      2022 – $20 Million Salary ($30 Million Cap) *if he retires $20 million dead cap.
      2023 – $30 Million Salary ($10 Million dead cap) *void contact and retire.

      Basically frees up $13-16.375 Million cap for 2021.

    • Roy

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      I agree that extensions would help things, but it’s not as simple as just finding the cap room to give a player the big payday. I’m saying this.

      Evans says he’ll help out…again.
      You want Brady to be team freindly.
      You want Gronk to be team freindly.
      You want Suh to be team freindly.
      You want Smith to help out, when he would be a free agent next year.
      Who else wants to help out? Brate? Howard?
      You want David to take a hometown discount.

      OK they’re not asking anybody to donate their money. Everybody’s going to get paid, but they are asking people to work around and maybe take a little less money in the end than they could otherwise get.

      Are they doing this to win another title or to donate to the Shaq and Godwin “break the bank” fund? If you give a massive contract to either of those two guys it is going to skew things. It is not going to fit in well with the concept of trying to get the band back together. That’s why ultimately they will have to let Shaq walk and franchise Godwin and work on his deal over time.

      • mjs020294

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        In Brady’s case its very simple. He wants to play until he is 45 which means adding a year. Lets assume he expects similar compensation to his first two years. Scrap next years contract and give him a signing bonus to cover what he would have been paid. Make the contract a three year deal with the intention of voiding year three.

        Brady gets two year to pay until he is 45 and the Bucs save $15 million cap space in 2021. $15 million in 2021 is enough cap space to sign Shaq or two or three other FAs.

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