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    • garfield

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      I’ve said it numerous times. Bilichek was a career losing coach before Brady and look at the Patriots this season. Newton is trash.

    • Mic

      Post count: 1915

      Brady was a defensive coach his offense needs to be run by a efficient solid qb

    • BucBalla85

      Post count: 2340

      I dont know if I go that far. They won a ton of games and championships together. Brady was the man on the field but bb was the brains as hc. It’s probably appropriate to give Brady more credit since he’s the guy on the field making it happen.

    • PatsfanrootingforBucs

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      20-21 is Belichick’s record as a Patriot without Tom Brady. Before this year the Belichick backers (or Brady haters) would give you the 13-6 W/L mark for Belichick without Brady because they didn’t want to include 2000 (5-11), but sorry that year counts too.

    • Boid Fink

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      Bucs won 1. Be grateful.
      They just piss pounded the guy who brought the ONLY Lombardi to Tampa.

      On to next.

    • thestamos23

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      With every great coach, there are great players behind them. Its beyond stupid to start trashing Belichick because he now has a washed cam newton throwing for him.

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