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    • Pennywise

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      I’m with 13 ,I love that shit.
      Brady changed the culture in one year.

      Mike Evans when asked about the trash talk between honey badger and Tom Brady: “I don’t know what it does for him, but for the guys around him, we love that shit.”

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      Honey Badger got his ass shown up. Got busted for defensive holding/PI multiple times.

    • leeroybuc93

      Post count: 1383

      I told my brother “it’s over” after that. There’s a long history of people pissing off Tom Brady and it never goes well for them from that point on.

    • Donkey_Hunter

      Post count: 2043

      Absolute culture changer and leader.

      Not only did it get him fired up, but his teammates as well.

      Most importantly, he backed it up. We’ve never had that at the QB position.

    • m_j

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      yepp, and when TB12 is fired up ….. we know what happens!

      honey badger is a great player but they burnt him yesterday, he was their weak spot! not as much as their OL but he is definitely one of main reasons why they looked that way last evening


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      Honey badger tweeted(then subsequently deleted) brady said something he won’t repeat.

      Brady was mic’ed up sooo..

      Salty lol.

    • GenoaBucs

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      Last night Brady owned Mathieu, he was out of position in many big plays (I remember a long reception from Gronk where he basically takes the wrong direction and left the field open for big gain).

      Nobody F’s with the GOAT.

    • FireLicht2020

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      Fucking loved it.

      Loved Winfield flashing the peace sign too.

      It’s war… none the soft shit that McCoy and Kwon were doing.

      Winning mentality, winning culture.

      No friends on the field

    • kenntak

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      Psycho Tom strikes again!!! It’s great to be a part of this. What a statement by title-town Tampa Bay.

    • Donkey

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      Probably called him Honey BooBoo.

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