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    • buc-in-out

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      Brate gets a $2.425 million signing bonus to clear $4.69 million in cap space, his 2021 cap hit is now $1.075 million, with a team option for the final 2 years of his deal.

      Now all we need to do is extend Godwin, give him a 4 year $60 million deal with more back end money and we’re in great shape.

    • BadabingBucs

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      that’s awesome. glad to see him to do that.

      Yes a Godwin extension is necessary unless they want to go JPP, Jensen route but one another move needs to be made for draft class.

      I assume Gabbert is coming back unless a high round QB is selected.

    • obuc

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      i figured brate was next. its good they didnt cut him. Someone said we need 8 million to sign the draft. I cant imagine that. the #32 spot should get 1 million and it goes down from there. Could be 5 mil total.

      • mjs020294

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        Most likely only the 1st round pick will count on cap. If we trade down the draft class might not take up any cap space.

    • The Freeman

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      no you dont need $8M for the draft, only eat around $1.6M in cap space… same mistake every year.

    • Roy

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      As OVerTheCap explains it, the Rookie Pool is the total cost in cap dollars that a team needs to sign its rookies in the summer. The cap space required to do this is less than the rookie pool. This is because every draft pick signed will replace a player already counting against the cap.

      Here is the amount per OTC. The Buccaneers will have a rookie pool of $7,510,623, but it will take up $2,230,623 in cap space.

    • ratiffshabang

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      So happy that we found a way to keep Brate while helping our cap situation. Tired of seeing the release Brate messages. OJ overall has been a bust, between not being able to make it through a full season and his inconsistent play when he is on the field. Keeping Brate was essential, and he is a very good receiving TE when thrown his way

Viewing 5 reply threads
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