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    • Hockey Duckie

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      This video breakdown was done on Jan 1, right before the playoffs started. Tampa did figure out the Chiefs’ offense and we’re going to get DT Vea back as well! Play cover-2 and don’t blitz often! Don’t let the Chiefs be explosive and time to reach into our inner Buc to channel the Tampa-2.

      Without further ado…

    • kenntak

      Post count: 1266

      That’s a very interesting and useful video. No team is perfect, it will come down to who can make the plays when it matters.

    • mgchat76

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      Everyone is talking about the offensive juggernaut that is the Chiefs, but few acknowledge that there were 5 teams that scored more points per game during the regular season…including the Bucs. Their offense is great, but not perfect.

    • Welsh Buc

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      They are beatable. If you look at their games this season they have been lucky once or twice but the key to most powerhouse teams is winning while still not playing their best.

      They always tend to have that extra play when they need it.

    • buc-in-out

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      So I believe the game plan will be actually pretty similar to the Packers game plan.

      Blitz seldomly, play 2 high safeties and rely on the 4 man rush to get to Mahommes, which will be suspect with their injuries at offensive tackle.

      We will yet again need huge performances from Shaq and JPP, along with Vea collapsing the pocket from the inside.

      We can beat them! They’re not unbeatable…

    • leeroybuc93

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      Agreed, buc-in-out. We will rely on a 4 man rush to beat their very beatable offensive line. Everyone loves to blitz but I just don’t think it’ll be necessary against KC. If our guys can’t get home without help we’re in trouble… but I think they’ll be able to.

    • Hockey Duckie

      Post count: 1491

      I wonder if people actually take the time to watch the video because it’s very detailed and informative.

      KC’s offense is explosive, but not efficient. They have problems in the Red Zone. This reminds me of our Bucs’ team under Koetter. Under Koetter, we can move the ball at will, but once in the Red Zone, then we have problems because we can’t run the ball due to a not-so-good OLine.

      So what makes KC different from Koetter’s era? KC’s defense.

      Recall our game against the Chiefs this season: KC 27, Bucs 24

      1st half

        KC = 20 pts
        Bucs = 7 pts

      2nd half

        KC = 7 pts
        Bucs = 17 pts

      3rd down eff

        KC = 6/12
        Bucs = 3/9


        KC = 0
        Bucs = 2

      Both INTs came in the 2nd half

      Red Zone

        KC = 0/3
        Bucs = 1/2

      So the Bucs were able to figure out the Chiefs offense in the 2nd half. Yet, it was the Bucs’ offense that was held in check long enough for the Chiefs to hold on for a win.

      That was back in late Nov, before the bye week. The offense has been better since. Here are the defenses we faced/will face in the playoffs:

      Defensive Points Allowed defenses (regular season)

        WFT = 4th best
        New Orleans = 5th
        GB = 13th
        KC = 11th

      Our path to the Super Bowl is a great path that reveals our offense can score. Granted, we did have our defense create turnovers.

      Tampa’s offense needs to score and score often to improve our chances of winning. A very good defense with an efficient, scoring offense can lead to a win. Here’s a couple of games that show that KC’s offense can be stifled:

      Week 13: Den 16, KC 22
      Week 16: Atl 14, KC 17

      How were these two teams able to keep KC’s offense throttled? If the Bucs can do that AND actually score often, then there exists a possibility the Bucs pull ahead early and keep pulling ahead if KC cannot score on explosive plays. Green Bay’s offense can methodically move up and down field, but not KC often.

      To beat the Chiefs defensively, stay in cover-2 in 80%+ and don’t blitz often. Offensively, don’t turn the ball over and score TD’s instead of FG’s. We can run the ball to limit the offensive drives for KC.

    • Pennywise

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      They doubled kelce and hill in the second half…will have to again or they will lose..only blitzed 6 times, but mahomes was very good against the blitz.
      Key to this game is dominate their OL,and run the ball against their average at best run D

    • BP1

      Post count: 1676

      So the bottom line is for the Bucs to win on Sunday they have to play defense like they did in the 2nd half of the game during the regular season against the Chiefs. This time we have Vita. I like it. GO BUCS!

      PS Of course the offense needs to do their part. :)

    • BucBalla85

      Post count: 2257

      Seems like the more this game has gotten broken down, the better I feel about it. Still think it’s kc’s to lose but the breakdowns have given me some confidence.

    • Diehard Astheycome

      Post count: 499

      Just realized last night that the red zone is their weakness if you had to pick one.
      They don’t have the run game or the space to attack with their strengths.
      The only problem is they are going to use 4 downs. I don’t see them settling for too many FGs if we get up more than 8.

    • Tampa Bay Todd

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      Might be time to dust off that video from the 1999 NFC Championship game to see how the Bucs defense back then held one of the greatest offenses to 13 points! Damn if Bucs only had a quarterback then that was at least slightly above average!

    • Anonymous

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      Agree, rush the front 4 and keep the blitzes to a minimum, use as needed.

      In addition to 2 high, would run some quarters, keep a robber on Mahomes. Have the CBs line up closer at times, about 5 yards off and throw in some press, mix it up …. quarters.

    • seekpar

      Post count: 1037

      The weakness in the KC offense is to keep them on the sidelines. IMHO, the best Bucs defense in this game is a good Bucs offense. Control the ball, good mix of run/pass, eat up yards and the clock, score TDs, not FGs, let the Bucs defense rest and stay fresh. GO BUCS!

    • Pewter Pirate

      Post count: 1595

      With the injured KC O-line. Key will be getting to Mahomes with just 4 with Devin White as a spy on Mahomes. The rest of the defense clog up every passing lane and double Hill and Kelce. Not easy task but best way to get to KC

    • buc-in-out

      Post count: 453

      Coach BA needs to coach to win… the Bills punted on 4th and 1, and kicked field goals in the redzone, and they lost. If we’re going to beat Mahommes, we NEED TDs.

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