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    • FacelessMan

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      I have a couple brutally honest questions for the podcast:

      1) Is McCoy severely overrated? I’ve never been a McCoy hater and there’s little doubt that he’s been the best player on our DLine for years (not exactly a high bar) but I no longer see a difference in our DLine when he’s in or out. I’m not just talking about this year as it’s been a down year for him or about this last game as we got 5 sacks without him, it feels like a couple of years now. Is his play worth the hit to the salary cap for this team?

      2) I am constantly hearing that Jameis is making plays that not many QB’s in this league can make when people are talking about his high ceiling and taking the good with the bad, what plays exactly? Sure, he slips a sack now and again which can be exciting but a bunch of QB’s do that. At the very least Brees, Trubisky and Mayfield all had slipped sacks against us that are similar to when Jameis does it. He can’t hit a deep ball to Jackson to save his life. He throws high balls to his tall receivers and they usually make the catches. What are the plays being made that lead people to set his ceiling so high?

      I’ve been really questioning if Jameis is the guy I thought when he was coming out of college. Jameis will make this exciting play where he scrambles around for 15 seconds before finding a WR and everyone goes nuts but I wonder if a better QB would have found the guy after 3 seconds for the same results but without the fanfare. When Fitz was in, he knew where he was going with the ball and knew he was getting the ball out at the end of his drop which had excellent results for the most part. It’s not the same way with Jameis which can lead to some exciting plays like mentioned above but also to some terrible plays as well.

    • Ramonb

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      Lots of us are thinking it.

    • blind melon

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      I think the shift in Defensive mentality has something to do with the McCoy question, but the sample size isn’t big enough to really answer it.   I will say that overall yearly performance of GM is worth the $ and ROI,  too bad they couldn’t get everyone operating at that level when he was peaking (I think he’s just sliding over that peak now…)

      I am stumped by the JW question… beyond the scrambling (which I think is only a part of the problem as well as “…those plays that few QB’s can make…” solution.) (I see it as a Chicken/Egg scenario with no clear answer.

      In my eye (not necessarily by stats) he’s better than about 1/2 the QB’s in the league.  but that also makes him not as good as the other half.  The frustration is generated based on the value we put on him being picked #1…   who may or may not ever pan out.





    • dfk68

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      This one’s a bit in the past but I don’t recall anyone in the media ever publicly acknowledging it. #BrutallyHonestQuestion: Did the Glazer’s intentionally run on the cheap from 2009 to 2011?

    • TCB2W!

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      While no one said it was for certain that happened, it was certainly implied and sometimes commented on in the TBT. They would even go so far as to claim paying the loan back early for the Manchester United purchase may be why we didn’t go after free agents, but they would always pose it as hypothetical and end it saying we will never know.

    • Hit55Fan

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      Mccoy is over rated.. you compare him to aaron donald or suh and you will see the difference.. Mccoy is a good player, but he doesnt take over a game like those two players.. Look at when you add JPP to the team.. He is a head hunter like sapp.. Mccoy doesnt have the nasty side that all three of those players have, like sapp had. This team could lose mccoy and not miss a beat on defense in my opinion.


      Jameis winston is 24 years old.. STILL developing.. Does he make some mistakes? sure.. But he is the BEST QB this team has had hands down.. and people just wanna get rid of him.. Yes he makes mistakes.. he may not be ELITE up unless you draft a elite player, your not getting that type of player as a free agent..

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