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    • cvillebucfan

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      Fellas and gals… Hope everyone is good. I know we are picking 32 so its next to virtually impossible to nail down what position we end up selecting.

      Our main man Roy had a pot a few weeks ago or something bout this being a draft for more or less 2022, which I agree. We will have some departures. That being said what position do we go in R1? Right now the odds on DK show:DL +200
      OL +450
      RB +500
      CB +600
      WR +700
      LB +800
      S +800
      QB +2000
      TE +3300

      DL is enticing. We have JPP, Suh, McClendon (age) that could all be gone next year. Then we also have potential holes at OL with Jensen (age/cap) and Cappa (cost to re-sign) that could be addressed. Then on top of that we’re playing with house money so to speak with not having any immediate holes and we shored up RB with Gio coming aboard.

      Throw some takes out on which position you think and why.

      Gun to my head I think the our main threat to our 2021 season is if we lose a D. Smith, Marpet, Jensen (to a degree) or Wirfs. If we have problems protecting Brady we become a little more ordinary on offense. I believe Licht has learned his lesson on not prioritizing the drafting of OL and gotten out of a headlock that has been a problem for him and us for years, so I see us going OL. Provides us the most important piece of insurance- protecting Brady.

      It’s not flashy and flat out boring TBH. I could see us going really any position but thats my “gun to my head” bet.

      Whats yours?

    • seekpar

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      Edge/DL. Go back and watch the playoff games. Constant pressure on the QB masks deficiencies in the defensive backfield. We need round one talent to step in and give some of our guys a breather and keep them fresh. JPP and Suh are older and will need to be replaced within 1-2 years. That said, I wouldn’t be shocked if they pick RB or CB at 32.

    • Alldaway 2.0

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      The players that will see a lot of playing time in round 1 this year would be a #3 edge rusher, OT to come in for jumbo packages and a WR.

      And the drafting of an edge rusher, OT and WR also covers the Bucs for 2022. Will AB resign this year? Will Godwin be resigned next year? D. Smith is only extended for 2 more years and beyond that what happens? JPP could come back but JPP and Shaq can’t do it alone.

      Build the trenches!

      • Hockey Duckie

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        A dark horse for a weak spot would be improving S2. Is there a S better than SS Whitehead? That would give us much better depth.

        I’d still go DL/OL, though.

    • Roy

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      With those odds I’ll take TE +3300. I’m not predicting that, but I definitely wouldn’t put TE at the end of the list here. Right now we have nothing beyond this year at that position. Freiermuth will be drafted end of 1st to mid 2nd, and the Bucs could see him as their future at the TE position.

      I’d also take WR +700. I’ve already stated I don’t think the Bucs will want to pay the piper for Godwin next year, and they probably know that already. We got lucky with signing Shaq, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is difficult to sign a player after you tagged them already. The WR position is a high value position for the Bucs. The Antonio Brown situation is still up in the air, but if he’s NOT signed before the draft I’d say WR will be a priority.

      Maybe Safety +800. Trevon Moehrig could slide down to the end of the round. I don’t know how well he fits in the Bucs system. But if you had to pick one 2021 starting player to be the weakest link I think Whitehead would be the choice, and its the one position maybe where you could draft a guy who would step in and start fairly early on in the year.

    • Bucman

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      I’d take LB +800.

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