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      Just finished watching the Bucs vs Browns for the first time – the rerun on NflNetwork. The commentators noted that the Browns had like ten days to prepare for the game and the Bucs only like three.  While that may be, Winston missed some opportunities.  I don't know who was open deep in the first half, but someone was; instead he overthrew the te in the middle. Then, he's getting beat up because he doesn't have any checkdowns.  Winston comes out and says, they didn't want to show those.  This is coming from Winston after Coach Smith, who doesn't mention this.  Sorry to say, but I find this a bit weird and suspicious. Well, I'll say this in his defence, he certainly didn't look/sound like the same audibling Qb we saw in the previous week.  Back to the Bucs having only three days of prep compared to the Browns.  Lavonte David is missing an open field tackle.  The starting corners didn't seem to be able to cover anything.  And yet, Alexander the Great is all over the field.  The two stars of the game were Rannell Hall and Gholston.  I'm definitely rooting for Hall over Clay.  Sorry for Clay's injury; but, the Kick returns I saw Speedy doing, plus he's easily the better Wr; this decision seems easy to me. Looks like Coach Smith has found Gholston's place on D - Dt. With Glennon, I don't see why we can't redshirt Winton's rookie season.

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