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    • Mic

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      Mickens get a lot of hate but I hope this dude to take one to the house next Sunday

    • xbucsx_4_xevax

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      First of all I made the Mickens thread and no one was hating on him… I simply brought up the fact he didn’t waste the 5secs on the return and it could of been crucial giving GB yet an extra timeout…he did a good job last week but that return before the 2 min warning could of been costly…

    • seekpar

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      I was so elated by the win vs the Saints that I watched the 2nd half from the Winfield forced fumble to the end every night last week. I just watched q4 from the Green Bay game tonight, there were some clutch plays by the Bucs for sure. Not sure it’s been talked about yet, but that 46 yd fg by Succop was huge to get the 8 pt lead. I’m still in shock that GB kicked the fg near the end.

    • Boid Fink

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      He wouldn’t have been able to run 5 seconds off the clock.

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