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    • kbl117

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      This was news to me, thought it may be to others here as well. When Leftwich and Bowles inevitably get head coaching jobs, we will receive 3rd round compensatory draft picks, in consecutive years, for each guy

      “The second third-round pick, to fall at number No. 105 overall (the 42nd pick in the round), is compensation for the loss of Pro Personnel Director Terry Fontenot, who was hired by Atlanta to be its general manager. The NFL added a feature to compensate franchises who develop minority coaches and front office executives that go on to become head coaches and general managers for other teams.

      Teams that lose a minority coach or executive to a head coach or general manager job with another team will receive a third-round compensatory pick for two consecutive years. If a team loses a minority coach and an executive to head coach and general manager jobs, it will receive a third-round compensatory pick for three consecutive years.”

    • bodydenny

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      Problem there is one of them will likely be HC here. I don’t think the NFL is going to compensate us for promoting from within.

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