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      How many more(if any) rings for brady in tampa?

      I’m going 1 more. 2 total.

      Is 3 4 5 possible? Sure. LeBron won tons on Miami right? Oh wait.

      I’m not selfish. I just want 1 more.

    • leeroybuc93

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      Six more, giving him six in NE, seven in Tampa and he goes to the HoF as a Buc.

    • mjs020294

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      Realistically one more maximum. Brady will play two more seasons if things go well. Back to back SBs is very difficult to achieve, just ask the Chiefs. The odds of a team winning the SB three years back to back are astronomical.

      If Brady had any sense he would retire right now while he is on top.


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        Lol? Can’t tell if this is a troll effort.

        Brady is playing phenomenal football. If he had a brees or big ben type year it’d be different.

        He’s playing at an MVP level.

        He said he wanted to play til he’s 45. Hes not even 44 yet.


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    • aquilus

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      3 and call it a day

    • m_j

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      he already gave us what we wanted from him

      if he gets us one more that will be senstational! luckilly his odds are high, as we all know!

    • Greattimes

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      Bump to get rid of advertising post.

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