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    • m_j

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      they won‘t let us fire the cannons, apart from team introduction.

      but if we win we apparently can do it including ceremony :-) can‘t wait :-) :-). go bucs!!!!!!!

    • rob

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      “…Cannon fire will be heard when the Buccaneers are introduced, and should they win, the cannons will fire loud and long at Raymond James Stadium and throughout Tampa Bay.”

      If they win, the cannon fire to end the game will be spine tingling!!! I will have the stereo cranked in anticipation!

    • GermCanBuc

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      This is bullshit. I understand the NFLs desire for a neutral site game for the Super Bowl, but this is anything but a neutral site game. It’s an NFC home game this year. We’re the NFC team. We should be allowed to use our cannons. We’ve earned that right by getting here. I would feel differently if it was an AFC home game. But it’s not.

      If I’m the Bucs, I do it anyways and deal with the repercussions later, likely a confiscated mid level draft pick and a fine. We may not get this chance again. Well already have a firing squad on the ship for intros and such. May as well give the NFL a big 🖕. Unfortunately, I don’t think our owners don’t have the 🏈 to do that.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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