Monday, February 17, 2020

Chargers might bench Philip Rivers

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    The Bucs aren’t going to bench Winston, but this is another argument about how poor his play has been.

    Winston arguably has worse stats than Rivers. Winston has both more TDs (22 to 15) and more INTs (20 to 14) and they have a similar TD:INT ratio.

    But Rivers has fewer fumbles (6 to 11), a better COMP% (64.4 to 59.9), better INT% (3.4 to 4.6), better DVOA (16th to 26th), better NY/A (which is better than Y/A, 6.92 to 6.74).

    Winston has a better QBR (51.5 to 47.1), better yards/game (308.3 to 288.1), a better TD% (5.1 to 3.6).

    When you get into more advanced stats – WR drop %, on throw targets, bad throws, etc. all favor Rivers.


    My point is simply that getting benched is the only rational reaction to play as bad as Winston and Rivers have been put out this season. Now, I doubt Winston gets benched and that’s fine.

    But there’s no questions Winston has been bad this season. That’s far from the only reason the team is bad, but you can’t go anywhere with this Jekyll & Hyde QB play.

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    Benching winston makes the qb whisperer look bad,wont happen.

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