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    • dexmonkey

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      i saw this earlier and laughed. unless he knows something about Fields that nobody else does he wont be there past 10

    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

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      He also said Najee Harris is “slow” and probably runs a 4.6 or 4.7. Dude is a pot head that has fried the last of his brain cells. I used to watch PFT but now with him as co-host its gone downhill.

    • dalbuc

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      Draft Twitter/media has a huge love affair with Justin Fields. I mean like few things I have seen before. At one point, it was close between him and Trevor. Bzzzt. Then it was close between him and Wilson. Bzzzzt. Now they just can’t seem to see him not at least being 3rd but it feels like draft media is way out of line with the pros on Fields. I can’t see him getting to 32 but I’d not be shocked if he fell a lot further than draft media thinks.

    • BucBalla85

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      Lol it ain’t happening simms!

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