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    • tampaspicer

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      Is there any credible news source anyone uses that aren’t steered to the left or right? There’s just way to many wacky news sources out there and sometimes it’s difficult to decide what’s true or not. I try to research all outlets when learning about anything to try and form my own opinion. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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    • Anonymous

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      Try not to go on a rant here lol

      A credentialed journalist is going to deliver the facts.

      Because they are humans the facts might have a point of view leak in but the reporting should still be factual

      So Chris Wallace on Faux News, not Sean Hannity

      AP, Reuters, WaPo, NYT WSJ reporting, all credible. They make mistakes and sources mislead them but errors are not the same as the Hannitys and Ingrahams

      Good example. NYT breaks the bounty story. Trump says “fake news” claiming that the intel was not credible BUT his own intel agencies reported the intel to the UK (a sign they thought it was credible)

      Every right side non-journalist will tru to drown the factual reporting Out with opinion that twists facts, omits facts etc.

      The same happens on the other side of the opinion world

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    • FireLicht2020

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      You gotta remember a few things.

      Opinion piece vs news
      Fake news vs bias

      If you take into account you can find credible journalism in both Fox and CNN etc.

      I think NPR is the most neutral – they do their best to just report the news but no news is free of bias. Even (or even especially) stock market news has a bias and is used to manipulate stocks pricing.

      Even figure heads that tweet crap like Elon Musk use that media to manipulate…

      Donald Trump says things to manipulate but so do most politicians.

      But I digress…

      There I actual fake news like INFO WARS, Brietbart, OAN, and YouTube etc… inside those outlets are some facts but the news transmission intentionally misleads or outright lies.

      On the left there is Vice, Mother Jones, etc… my bias will show here but they don’t report actual fake news like Brietbart; but they do spin… for sure.

      Aside from that you have politifact and fact checkers… but in the era of fake news even fact checkers are called fake.

      Fake news itself is fake… it’s a tool/tactic to spread other disinformation.

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