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    • Garv

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      I want to apologize for my negative outburst on a previous post I made days ago. Both Scott Reynolds and Jon Ledyard are two of the best NFL analysts around and their coverage and opinions concerning the Buccaneers are at the top. Scott’s coverage of the Bucs is as good as it gets and Jon’s draft insights unparalleled.

      Most of the time my truths are in the moment, the now. What I perceived as unfair criticism
      of our Buccaneers’ coaching staff turned out to be observations. And for the most part they were dead on, especially concerning calls for more pre-snap movement and play action.

      Been around a long time and I fully intend to stay. Maybe I’ll take Uncle Stan’s place from time to time but that’s not such a bad thing, is it? And yeah, I can be a homer and pretty much enjoy being one if that means being a total Tampa Bay Buccaneer fanatic since moving to Sarasota in 1977.

      Again, my apologies, I was wrong.

      “We’re all here because we’re not all there.”
      as always, GO BUCS!!!

    • nitey

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      Garv, don’t sweat it. Remember fan is short for fanatic and that means we tend to get passionate sometimes.

      BTW, *I* have Uncle Stan’s place, so you can’t have it. <g>

    • spartan

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      I know the question was posed a while back, but did we ever get a definitive on Uncle Stan? I know he was getting on back at the start of the century, so he must REALLY be getting on if he is still around.

    • Hate

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      do we know Unc Stan’s whereabouts??

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