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    • BucsFan83

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    • dalbuc

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      I get the Chiefs being 1 next year. What I don’t get are the Seahawks being the NFC team ahead of us. Huh?

    • kenntak

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      They can’t even give the Super Bowl winner the number 1 ranking! Tampa did not get much respect during the playoffs, and won everything. I saw a mock draft after the game, and Tampa was still ranked 31. It’s like people can’t admit we are world champs.

    • adkindo

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    • Vance

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      Who cares about those stupid rankings. WE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS nobody can take that away .


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      Power rankings are meaningless.

      Even more so then stats.

    • theknees

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      Power rankings are for @buc_boi‘s Mom….

      • buc_boi

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    • m_j

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      well, has us on no.1 :-)

      btw, I understand that with chiefs, whole hype etc. bur anyone else is definitely wrong.

      who cares, we go 14-2 and get third lombardi!

    • Team Pteranodon

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      The only way it’s 4 is if we’re changing back to the old terrible alarm clock uniforms, that would make sense considering the 2 biggest contributors to the championship were….
      1. Brady
      2. Switch to the 2002 championship uniforms.

    • Alldaway 2.0

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      I don’t think the Seahawks are better than the 49ers, Cardinals or Rams in their own division next year.

      Build the trenches!

Viewing 9 reply threads
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