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    • Wutt

      Post count: 397

      Apparently he wants Hill to drop 300 yards on us this time

    • leeroybuc93

      Post count: 1385

      I’m not worried about this in the slightest. He said it when asked the question. Every elite athlete believes they’re “blank”est. They have to. Tyreek Hill says he’s the fastest player in the NFL but he might not be the fastest guy on his own team. Nothing to see here.

    • seekpar

      Post count: 1188

      Miller’s not as fast as Hill zig zagging his way through the secondary. I like his moxie, but damn bro, shut your mouth and stay humble.

    • BuccaNOLEer

      Post count: 1046

      Miller, you gotta learn one thing…. let your play on the field do the talking.

    • Hockey Duckie

      Post count: 1531

      If you read the article, Miller thinks he can beat Hill in a race. That’s it.

      Hill ran a 4.29 in his pro day. Miller ran a 4.30 in his pro day. This is comparing apples to oranges since they ran on different pro day sessions. If they both ran at the combine, then at least we would have a proper apples to apples comparison.

      With that said, Miller is giving Hill and KC bulletin board material because most people only read headlines and nothing more. I’d like to see a charity event to see who is faster between Hill and Miller. Well, I really don’t care about who wins, but rather see how much they both can generate for the charity they have in mind.

    • Roy

      Post count: 4083

      Sure it could be bulletin board material, but these teams don’t need extra incentive to want to do well in the Superbowl. It just makes for good pre-Superbowl talk.

    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

      Post count: 3184

      Dudes with blazing speed never say they are slower than anybody. When do those guys ever say “Yeah I can’t beat him in a race.”

    • Mic

      Post count: 1911

      Hill is gonna be stopped this game mark that. That 200 yard game he had was a blessing. Let Kelce beat you but not Hill, because they means they gotta drive it down field

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 1966

      He was asked a direct question. How do you expect anyone to answer that???
      Kid believes in himself. Quit yer bitchin.

    • Culo Con Dientes

      Post count: 469

      We already know Hill is better at strangling and punching pregnant women. He signed an admission to it in court. Hang that up on the Bucs bulletin board.

    • Detrimental

      Post count: 1599

      Hope White has a shot to T off on Hill for a huge hit and knock his ass out the game

    • RW

      Post count: 328

      i just wish Miller was Hill’s equal as a football player!

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