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    • Buc45

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      What I think will happen on Day 1: I think we will see four Qbs go due to lots of movement/trades/needs etc…No way Chubb or Barkley falls to us which will leave Nelson. Teams will be spooked out of picking a Guard so high but it will be a great fit for us. Picking a potential All-Pro will outweigh any offers to trade down and so we make the pick.

      What I think will happen on Day 2: We will pick a running back. Guice, Michel and probably Jones will be gone by time we pick in the second round. It will come down to Nick Chubb or Penny. Either will be a good pick.

      What I would do on Day 3 (these are players that I think will realistically be there at each selection)

      4th Round- Select PJ Hall, Sam Houston State. 6’1, 310. DE/DT. Yes, the level of competition is low but his stats are insane. He has a tremendous work ethic and motor. The pro day numbers defy logic. 4.71 shows he is fast, 38 inch vertical show explosion and 36 reps show he is incredibly strong. He would be a perfect fit onto our d-line rotation…mostly at DT but can play DE as well.

      5th Round- Select Greg Stroman, Virginia Tech. 5’11, 182. CB. 4.4 speed who is a ball hawk. Willing tackler but does need to get a stronger. Very good coverage skills. Also, provides excellent value on special teams…very good punt and kick returner. We need to start investing in the defensive backfield and I think he will develop nicely.

      6th Round- Select DJ Reed, Kansas State. 5’9, 190. CB. Yes, another corner. He plays so much bigger than he size. Great story as a former walk-on. Watch his highlight tape and you will see a guy flying around the ball making plays. Reminds me of Grimes a little bit. Impressive speed and vertical. Also, is a very good special teams player (returner).

      7th Round- Tracy “Trey” Walker, Louisiana Lafayette. 6’1, 206. S. Strong, long arms and can run and cover. Did a great job when matched up with Christian Kirk (held him to 3 catches). Project with a lot of upside

      UDFA- I know everyone wants us to take two running backs in the draft but I think if we draft a stud in the second round, we could easily sign a FA like Orleans Darkwa or someone cut from another team after the draft. I would like a solid veteran in there with our rookie and Barber. Chase Edmunds would be nice back as a UDFA to add to the running back room.

      We can’t solve all of our problems in one draft but no our offense is complete…we add a very good piece to our improved defensive line and also add some defensive backs. Next year, I see us going heavy with corners and safeties.

    • bucball1

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      You will be in the top 10 in the draft with that again buddy you need defense to win in the NFL offense only sell tickets an if we in the top 10 again clean house period

    • nitey

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      Honestly this isn’t a bad draft, but this is my fear if we get Nelson as our top pick, this forces almost forces us to go RB in round #2 and then try to stock the defense with young players that are mostly ‘potential’ players and no immediate solid starters. I like Hall, but if we went this route I’d rather get a corner in the 4th and with the top 6th pick and take a flyer on a DE with the lower 6th and a offensive lineman in the 7th then sign one of the FA safeties like Boston, Reid or Viccarro to improve the safety position.

      Nelson and Chubb/Penny should pretty much finish off the offense and adding a FA safety should give us some further immediate relief on the back defensive backfield. But even with Grimes and a couple of lower draft choices our corners are going to be suspect in 2018, but short of drafting corners with both our top picks, I don’t see much hope of a strong defensive backfield this season.

    • Buc45

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      I forgot to add the second 6th round pick which would be:

      6th Round- Dane Cruikshank, Arizona. 6’1, 209. S. Another player with 4.4 speed for the defensive backfield

    • Buc45

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      Hopefully, our improved d-line this year should help out our corners and safeties a bit. Yes, I agree we are probably locked in to getting a running back early… A FA safety is probably a good idea. I still think there are lots of possibilities at corner and safety in this draft late. We found Jermaine Phillips in the 5th round, Tanard Jackson in the 4th… Cam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were 5th round picks. Grimes was a UDFA.

    • leeroybuc93

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      I like the idea of Nelson and don’t feel it forces us into a running back in the 2nd. Barber and Rodgers are both serviceable backs, and with the total revamping of our interior offensive line, could become more than serviceable. That’s kind of the point of a pick like Nelson. You don’t need a premier back behind a good line so you can invest elsewhere. We’d still need a back or two for depth but could easily roll with Barber again as the workhorse.

      A plus back behind a plus line would be awesome, but that definitely leaves us thin how you’re talking about. It would be fun to watch but could our secondary hold up? If the 1st pick is Nelson, I’d shore up the secondary afterward and let Nelson, Marpet, and Jensen worry about making our current backs better.

    • nitey

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      @Leeroybuc93 I like Nelson in the first, but I do think it commits us to a running back in the 2nd. I have to disagree that Rodgers or Barber are serviceable backs which would scare nobody. Ideally, you want a defense to not be able to focus on forcing you to either the running game or the passing game and with only those two, defenses will defend the pass and force us to beat them with our running game. Even with a better line, I’m not that confident that would happen.

      However, with a better two down back, that will keep the defense more honest and help the offense more. If the offense can stay on the field longer, that in turn helps the defense. At least that’s how I see it. I would finish off the offense and then band-aid the defense for another season.

      Jameis best friend would be a good running back, if you want him to improve next season, we need to put him in the best position to succeed and a better running attack – causing him to throw less, but more effectively, would be the best use of the 2nd round pick IMO.

    • seanbassak

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      ^ agreed. So many are overlooking the importance of the run game for Jameis. For one thing, an improved run game will keep the defense on the sideline. For another the single best way to improve Jameis’ game is to give him a stud RB. Nothing will make him a better QB than taking some pressure off him.
      I like some of your late round guys. Specially PJ and Cruikshank.

    • Anonymous

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      I’m on board for day 3 secondary picks and hope one is a gem.

      Ideally we go:

      Chubb>Nelson>Barkley – rd 1

      CB>RB>DE – rd 2

      Then stock up on whatever we miss which will probably be the secondary in the late rounds.


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      Would be a huge mistake if they don’t address the defense until round 4.

      Slim to none chance that happens. Will go secondary/d line at least once with one of their first 2 picks

      Hard to go wrong with their needs

      In any particular order rounds 1 2 4 5


      Ideally get that 3rd round pick back somehow

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