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    • BuccaNOLEer

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      That is the motto that has rang true over the years. Both the Bucs and the Chiefs defenses were facing high powered offenses yesterday. Both teams either limited said offenses or completely shut them down.

      Again, defense wins championships. The Bucs and the Chiefs recognize that and their defenses are peaking at the right time. That’s a big reason why those two teams are the ones that are still playing at this point in the season.

    • Biggs3535

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      This is an odd thread, considering both of these teams are built on offense.

      Overall Offense: KC #1, TB #7
      Scoring Offense: KC #6, TB #3

      Overall Defense: KC #16, TB #6
      Scoring Defense: KC #11, TB #8

      • Lawdy

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        we look like more of complete team compared to them

    • Hockey Duckie

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      I was tracking playoff teams and their Oline rankings for years. Welp, I used to do it until FBO changed things up and you have to sign up now.

      The pattern I found was that those playoff teams usually have a very good pass blocking or rush blocking, but most of those playoff teams have both.

      FBO OLine pass blocking (regular season)

        3 TB
        4 KC
        5 Buf
        6 GB

      FBO OLine run blocking

        5 GB
        9 TB
        14 KC
        15 Buf

      FBO DLine pass rush/sack rate (reg season)

        6 TB
        10 GB
        14 Buf
        18 KC

      FBO DLine run stopping

        1 TB
        19 Buf
        23 GB
        24 KC

      KC’s Oline held up far better than Buffalo’s OLine. And that’s with a very mobile QB in Allen.

      With the Bucs facing the Pack, the Bucs’ defense was able to tag Rodgers 5 times. That means there probably was more pressure on Rodgers to rush his throws.

      You need both offense and defense to win championships. We won the NFC championship due to both offense and defense. Taking a chance at the end of the half wasn’t about defense, but savvy offense that scored that bomb to WR Miller for a TD.

      Now, if we’re to beat the Chiefs, then we have to do one thing at the very least… Always double Hill.

    • RHBucsFan

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      Our defense is hitting its peak RIGHT NOW. I wouldn’t look at our season ranks too hard; we’re not that same team.

      This sort of feels like 2002, the unstoppable Raiders offense. We all know how that ended. The commentary I’m hearing today nationally is just the same as back then.

      Watch us stop them! Vea’s return is huge! JPP and Shaq need to pressure Mahomes all day.

      • RHBucsFan

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        Wow, looks like I was right on with this analysis. I knew our defense was coming up.


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      Not only our defense>theirs

      Our oline>theirs (especially down fisher)

      Our front 7>theirs

      Coaching qb te i give them an advantage.

      Should be a hell of a game!

    • Born A Buc For Life

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      You mean defense wins championships along with a high powered offense.

    • m_j

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      yes it does! :-) -:) :-)

    • Alldaway 2.0

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      I feel like if the Bucs add two young defenders in the front seven from the draft that they can compete for years to come. A young DT along with a young pass rusher with the existing young talent in the front even would be nice.

      D. White
      Vita Vea
      A. Nelson
      K. Davis
      C. Gill

      Throw in the vets and the Bucs front seven will be set for a bit.

      Build the trenches!

    • buc-in-out

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      One thing I just LOVED about the defensive game plan.. did anyone notice the exotic blitzes Bowles dialed up on the first Chiefs drive, and then never again?

      It’s almost like Bowles wanted to get the Chiefs thinking “Okay they’re going to blitz us, let’s punish them.” and then we never really bitzed again.

      I’d love to know if that was an intentional chess play.

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