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    • Bleedspewter55

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      How can anyone not like this kid? I know some have been skeptical due to his coverage, but I have had nothing but an impression that he was a stud for over a year now. It’s insane how quick and sudden he is, and his tackling skills are ELITE. I never see anyone break a tackle on this kid. Not only that, but players only go backwards when he hits them, he never lets them get even another inch forward

      This kid is going to be a defensive player of the year at some point, book it.

      Not to mention that the mic’d up shows he has a swagger that is going to uplift all of those around him and make it tough for offensive players to want to play against us. Seems like he was in Alvin Kamara’s head. Not sure we win that game Sunday if he still wasn’t back from covid protocol


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      Loving DW more each passing game.

      Have started to invest in him as sports cards are hot right now.

      Anyone who says hes a bust or should’ve taken josh allen is dead WRONG!

    • Mic

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      All pro next year he’s gonna have a special year next year.

      Finally looks like he is comfortable and understanding coverage. Reminds me a lot of Patrick Willis

    • garfield

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      Loving DW more each passing game.

      Have started to invest in him as sports cards are hot right now.

      Anyone who says hes a bust or should’ve taken josh allen is dead WRONG!

      Even if you thought Josh Allen should have been picked, White had 9 sacks from his position this year so…

    • LIBucsFan93

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      At this point I don’t think there is anyone that didn’t want the Bucs to Draft Devin White objecting to the selection now.

      I said this guy was going to be a beast and he IS. He might actually be the Best Middle LB in the league right now. Hopefully the nation knows his name now.

      • ArmyBuc91

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        Bobby Wagner is a more complete LB. that said, I still would pick White in a 2019 re-draft. I don’t think he’s reached his ceiling yet.

        White is early in his progression. He’s really good at some things and elite in his skill and effort. But undeniably he is below average in coverage.

        If Josh Allen the QB can make the leap he did, I hope with White’s focus and determination he can make that same kind of leap. But I’m Afraid he is sipping his own koolaid a little bit and not fully recognizing his deficiencies in pass pro. I hope I’m wrong.

    • FireLicht2020

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      He keeps playing like this, especially in coverage, I’ll eat so much fucking crow you can call me Edgar Allen Poe.

      Raven, crow, close enough

    • Detrimental

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      Dominant performance by White. We’ll need that same energy Sunday

    • BucBit2

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      Gotta back it up with top notch play, but you can see what Arians was talking about after they drafted him

      “He loves it. You know, you get these guys once in a lifetime. They all got physical skills, but they don’t love it. I mean, they wouldn’t do it for free. This cat would do it for free as long as he can ride his horses”

    • BucBalla85

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      I think we will need him to have another big game this Sunday. I think LVD and White have another big game in them.

    • seekpar

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      “Ima put the dagger in em…watch.”

      And he delivered. Coming into his own and becoming the player worthy of a 5th pick in the draft.

    • Biggs3535

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      I was cracking up when gave Callaway that stiff-arm after interception. You definitely saw the old RB in him there.

    • TBChucky

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      Stud. He has plenty of DOG in him.. As said above, he hasn’t hit his potential yet! Hopefully his coverage skills are actually improving, and it’s not a fluke. This season is so important to all of our young Bucs. The big game experience they’re all gaining is invaluable! Let’s just hope they get to play in their first Super Bowl!

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