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    • Bucc My Life

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      Cap problems, free agents, etc.

      Most of us would rather have Godwin, Barrett, and LVD all return, and so a few months ago cutting Smith on his last year to create 14.5 mil in cap room seemed like a no brainer. I’ve also seen a few writers sugest he’s earned his contract with his play over the past few weeks.

      Perhaps then, the Bucs could trade him and net an extra draft pick? Surely a starting left tackle in his prime carries some value, if the contract isnt prohibitive?

      Itd open the Bucs up to replace him with a high draft pick while keeping the rest of the band together.


    • BChaves8

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      His play this season and especially down the stretch really puts the Bucs in a difficult spot. I cant see them moving on from him after he played well.

      Lets not think that any rookie lineman will come in and do what Wirfs just did.

      We could have easily ended up with Andrew Thomas.

    • creamsicles

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      It’s a very logical thought, but I doubt that our assistant GM, Tom Brady, would approve of this move. He’s not a huge fan of rookies… and I doubt he’d want an unknown protecting his blind side.

      I’d more expect them to solicit offers on Jensen, even though his tenacity is a huge asset for this OL.

      It would be nice to reallocate some cap from OL to other areas, but it’s a risk since I think our OL and DL were the primary reasons we beat the Chiefs.

    • TBChucky

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      Smith stays, IMO. He really stepped up during the post season. I could see him approached for a restructure though. Unless the team decides to trade for Orlando Brown..

    • FireLicht2020

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      Large sample size vs small sample size leads me to believe we can sell high.

      But his play was damn good down the stretch… this coming from one of his biggest haters.

      Tough call but I’d field offers just to see…

    • Barnz1

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      I think they will keep Smith but logically force him to restructure his deal with a possible extension. Brady will not want to lose the guy who played LT for him in a SB year.

      But Smith is not worth $14.5mil. He knows it, we know it, the league knows it. Even if we can remove a few million from that number it will help. The threat of trade or cut is there with no guaranteed money on his deal. He will happily take a restructure to the alternative.

    • Mic

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      Theres a guy I probably want us to look at is Jalen Mayfield in the first round, if we can draft another first round tackle and groom him for this year or see how he does in camp, we can trade smith mid season and then longterm re-sign whoever we tag


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      Call me crazy but I’d want him over lvd at this point.

      Never thought I’d say that.

      But based on age, position importance, etc, gimme smith over lvd.

      Barrett & godwin I’d want over Smith tho if forced to choose.

      Hopefully we can somehow retain all 4 but I’m not optimistic

    • Greattimes

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      One of the reasons it is so hard to repeat as SB winners is the salary cap. The agents for the players will demand top dollar for the players they represent. If the Bucs don’t offer what the agent has told the player he should get, the agent says go FA. The Bucs can’t pay everyone what they want and there are desperate teams out there that will overpay for a player that played for a team that just won a SB.

    • Roy

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      1) Smith’s trade value is limited because he has one year left on his deal. Maybe a 3rd rounder? Not worth it.

      2) You’d be down one starting tackle, a position where we already have zero depth at. Free agency is a crap shoot and its going to cost you more than the $14.5 mil you are paying Smith. If you draft a rookie he’s not going to step in on Week 1 and be ready to protect Brady’s blind side.

      Job #1 for this offense is to protect Brady. Everything else comes after that. Its just not worth it to get rid of Smith. Draft a rookie on Day 1 or Day 2. They can be a backup next year and then you let Smith test the market after 2021. I guarantee you that’s what they’ll do.

    • aquilus

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      We could get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him most likely

      Which historically speaking is where we land ALMOST all our stars

    • JC5100

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      He’s actually earned an extension and that could create 2021 cap room.

    • Swash

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      Call me crazy, but I believe what we do with Smith hinges on if the team believes Wirfs could make the jump to starting Lt. If the answer is yes, Smith could be a solid trade for a draft pick, and fetching a solid one.

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