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    • Roy

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      Succop didn’t get a lot of work, but hit that 52 yarder after the botched snap. KC would have had a big momentum swing. The Bucs had 3rd and 1 and were driving for another apparent TD before that snap went haywire. Succop nailing that kick kept the momentum going the Bucs way. He has been money all year and we never had a game blown by a missed kick all year.

      Hope they can resign him long term, that way Licht doesn’t have to try to draft another kicker!

    • Donkey_Hunter

      Post count: 2042

      Such a huge kick!!!

    • seekpar

      Post count: 1125

      #3 is $$$$$

    • SwarmingDefense

      Post count: 243

      Such a big pick up.

      Totally changed the trajectory of the season.

    • Lawdy

      Post count: 789

      Best kicker in the league.

    • m_j

      Post count: 556

      he was great in the postseason, job done as TB12 said!

    • BuccaNOLEer

      Post count: 1046

      He should be easy to bring back. Some of the other UFA’s, I don’t know.

    • delgreco

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      actually a really good call….you kind of forgot about (not worried) the kicking game…as it should be

    • Tampa Bay Todd

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      Yep said it after he nailed that kick that it was absolutely huge! Momentum definitely teetering at that point but Succup put to rest any hope the Chiefs had of capitalizing. He didn’t miss a kick in the playoffs!! Can’t ask for better than that.

    • dalbuc

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      Having a reliable kicker matters. Knowing you don’t have to burn a high draft pick to get one is also an important lesson.

    • D.King

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      It felt so good not having to sweat the FGs all year because it seems like RS hit them right in the middle of the uprights.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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