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    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

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      I know why we didn’t keep him and that it’s easy to trash him for his 2019 season but he paid his dues that we should appreciate what he did for as long as he did. One of the few bright spots during all those really tough years.

      But it would have been great imo to see him with the same joy as LVD winning the SB after so much losing he experienced. He was a very good player in his prime, team guy, & severely underpaid his entire tenure here. Shout out to big Dot.

    • jcaulfield8

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      great guy, worked his ass off
      made millions playing a game.
      im sure it might hurt a little but he will be ok with it

    • leeroybuc93

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      Love me some Dot. Too bad he missed it but we wouldn’t be here without Wirfs. It’s a cruel game when you get older.

    • m_j

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      yepp. afaik he was more than ok

      but those things happen … ask brad seaton how he feels now! ok, you can never compare those two guys but sometimes it just happens

    • FireLicht2020

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      Gerald McCoy has been handling it well too. I’m a pretty big hater of his but he’s taken the high road really well during this run.

    • Watchman

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      Such a different team from when McCoy was last on the roster. He’s been gone for two seasons now. As a fan there’s a fair amount of distance.

      I always rooted for McCoy, but when he grumbled about someone else having his number after he was gone, and ring of honor stuff, I felt like he had a significantly higher opinion of his time with the Bucs than I did.

    • Hockey Duckie

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      OT Joe Haeg contract: $2.3 mil
      OT Demar Dotson contract: $2.7 mil

      If GM Licht would have told that Dotson would be the backup OT, then the Bucs could have kept Dotson, who would be a super-sub for us. Haeg was meh.

      Also, in keeping Dotson, it may be a way of playing chess as it lets the NFL know that we have a RT, but still pursue one in the draft with one of the top-4 OT’s, which is what Licht still did after signing Haeg.

      It is what it is, and Licht still can’t figure out FA’s on his own. Fournette and AB came because of Brady. Gronk came because of Brady, and we traded for him.

      • buc_boi

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        “It is what it is, and Licht still can’t figure out FA’s on his own.”

        At this point, yalls hatred for Jason is just comical.

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        • This reply was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by buc_boi.

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      Dotson deserved this as much as anyone. He would grind it out year after year and only saw one winning season with this team.

      I wonder if he has one more year left in him and if he can play both tackle spots. If so, I would consider jettisoning Haeg and bringing Dotson back as the utility backup.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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