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    • BuccaNOLEer

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      Looks like he’s coming back for one last hurrah and I can’t blame him. He’s got some unfinished business to take care of.

      Both games vs New Orleans are going to be very crucial in 2021.

    • Charles

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    • Wutt

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      Another useless post by you, no source I have looked everywhere credible and nothing. They can’t afford him if he was to come back anyways, they are 70 million in the whole. They are going to lose some key players, and he can’t throw anymore why would he come back when he has a nice NBC gig.

    • BucsFan83

      Post count: 294

      He was so badly injured last year, I’m going to cringe everytime he takes a hit. Especially playing against us. He should retire for his health.

    • Beatles123

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      Ahhhh, the ‘ole “MUH SOURCES” meme of 2012 during the Revis watch!

      That takes me back!

    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

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      His arm is always a noodle at the end of the year. Now yet another year older he might look toast by mid season. They are more dynamic with Jameis. If Brees comes back no one should be overly worried. Its their defense and Kamara that is tough to beat.

      • JC5100

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        Unless Jameis takes another vet minimum contract they cannot sign him.

    • seekpar

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      There’s no doubt that 3 INTs and yet another home playoff loss left a very sour taste for Brees. But he needs to realize he can’t do it anymore. Teams will do what the Bucs did to defend him. Sure, they can bring in Hill, or even Lameis Jameis for a few plays a game, but you need a capable QB back there. I hope he does the right thing and retires.

    • theknees

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      If he comes back, NO is moving in the wrong direction. Brees couldn’t be more done if his first name was Warrick. Here’s hoping this is true.

    • kenntak

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      I am a bit surprised he may be coming back, but understand it. He did not seem well this year after the injuries, and nobody is going to take it lightly on him next year. I guess we will see how things pan out, as I am sure the Bucs will play the Saints in September.

    • Runole

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      broken ribs,age, etc will be the decision maker.

    • RHBucsFan

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      I hope he comes back, he’s toast

    • jcaulfield8

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      He restructure his contract to minimize the It for the Saints over the next two years. He ain’t coming back you douche bag

    • Donkey_Hunter

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      Just wondering if the OP had any link to back this up…

      …other than a tweet originating from Barry McCockiner.

      • Bucman

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        He’s got nothing more than a hunch and a lousy one at that. Brees knew he was done. He’d be screwing the Saints if he came back. I don’t think Winston would resign if Brees came back.

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