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    • TBChucky

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      Did he piss anyone else off last night? He literally wouldn’t shut up about Heinkie(sp?) all night. He seemed to be rooting for the upset by Washington. I couldn’t figure out if he was rooting against the Bucs, Brady, or both. I literally wanted to mute him..

    • TURBO

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      Yup, same here. He was obviously rooting for Heineke openly.

      Screw DUNG-gy!

    • Garv

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      Personally I thought he was simply impressed how well Heinicke was playing and rightfully so. the kid did a great job in dire circumstances and kept the WFT in the game. I think it was justified and the fact is the Bucs scoring 31 points on a top defense and winning despite Heinicke’s gutsy play is a positive!
      Raging on Dungy for this is petty and frankly kind of stupid.

      “We’re all here because we’re not all there.”
      as always, GO BUCS!!!

    • Ramonb

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      Poise, poise, and more poise to the poise. And top it off with more poise.

    • Donkey

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    • dalbuc

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      Feels like former players/coaches often feel they have to “prove” they aren’t biased to their former teams.

    • Mic

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      I mean can you blame him he had dilfer and Shaun king all he needed was 17points to win a Super Bowl with our defense

    • Mrshowstopper

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      Dungy was a wonderful coach for us from 96-01. However, He doesn’t owe the Bucs his undying support for anything.

    • m_j

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      I find Tirico did a great job (from home) and Dungy is Dungy, he is always trying to be smarter than he is …. but who cares! I am thankful for what he did for us in those great years, thats‘s it.

    • JC5100

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      Cringed when he said it was “amazing” Chase Young ran after a screen to his side. Not disrupt it, not make the tackle, just ran to fournette

    • Runole

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      Like John Lynch there is apparently an undercurrent against the Bucs.

    • Pepsi

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      it was a practice squad no name QB in the playoffs against Tom Brady and his dream squad. The whole world besides us and Brady diehards were rooting for Washington and Heineke. Not a big deal


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      Clearly holding a grudge. Sour Gruden won a sb here but he didn’t.

      I’m a big Dungy fan. Great man, great coach.

      But agree 100% he was quite annoying Saturday night.

Viewing 12 reply threads
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