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    • Nobody

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      I’ve been gone for several weeks but I’ve returned for a few before I’m gone for several more.

      I figured I’d go ahead and tip my hat to folks around here while I’m about because I’ve had a lot of solid football conversations with folks for the last few years and I wanted to let folks know that I really appreciate that.

      I started posting here to just talk about football and share with Bucs fans as we’ve all been ailing for a good long while. But two things:

      1) We’ve finally got a tourniquet on it and we’re no longer watching ourselves slowly bleed out. We’ve finally won again. Finally.

      2) Its become clear to me that conversations about things that people care about will always be personal to some people. Conversations about football can’t just be about football. Its inevitably going to be about social cache and credibility and the personalities and people behind the words.

      That (1) feels like an exorcism. That (2) I’m not interested in.

      So I appreciate you guys. I’m glad for the conversations we’ve had. And I’m glad that they can come to an end because the dragon of perpetual losing has been slain.

      Be well and goodbye!

    • mgchat76

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      Thanks for all of your comprehensive breakdowns. I honestly felt like I learned a lot just by reading them.

    • seekpar

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      Ironic I’m actually listening to that album right now, Xanadu.

      • PatsfanrootingforBucs

        Post count: 79

        Xanadu, amazing live performance from ESL. My fav live album Of all time!

    • buc-in-out

      Post count: 524

      It’s a shame to see you go Nobody. I do understand your reasoning. I really did enjoy your weekly film break downs, I learned a lot.

    • BChaves8

      Post count: 387

      Hopefully you will make a triumphant return at some point!

      I really have learned a ton about the X’s and O’s by reading your posts.

    • Trask Force

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      @Nobody, Its always been this way on this board. So I don’t know what changed except perhaps your tolerance level. I can agree that some people get into their squabbles that don’t need to be on the board. On the other hand, not everybody is going to be sticking to technical analysis of film and players. Its a fans site.

    • SaskBucs

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      Dammit Nobody! Your prospect posts are the highlight of this site every spring. I am gonna miss them and your other posts full of technical breakdowns, that really made me trust the opinions you shared.

      All the best to you.

    • FireLicht2020

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      Great poster… sucks losing him while the mods can’t even add pages or ban racists.

      Hope you come back dude… you’ll be missed

    • TBChucky

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      You’re a helluva contributor to this board @Nobody. Hope you make it back soon! Good luck to you!

    • kenntak

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      I miss you being here @Nobody.

    • Hockey Duckie

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      Enjoy the off-season. A well deserved break from all of your breakdowns. With Covid, it’ll be difficult to properly gauge prospects for the draft, but I do hope you’ll chime in with a few prospects in the future. After that, you’ll have a longer break until pre-season and the regular season.

      There truly isn’t much to talk about with this down time specifically about on the field football. When I re-watch the playoffs, I tend not to watch the Super Bowl because the Bucs executed it so very well. Brett Kollman’s breakdown a month or two ago revealed the weakness of the Chiefs offense and we exploited it that way. The Bucs’ offense went dink-and-dunk with a pepper of long throws in between. It was a great display of a multi-dimensional offense. It’s the other three playoff games that were nail biters and I’d rather watch for review.

      A lot of the posts nowadays are just rehashing far older posts. It doesn’t make any sense because we should be reveling in the Super Bowl win and how dominant it was. We should be discussing salary cap situation and possible other outcomes because we cannot keep everyone unless we become the new New Orleans Saints.

      I will say this, though, I think Arians will swallow his humble pie and let Brady morph the offense to be the most efficient offense it can be because Brady did it.

      Again, good luck on your vacation, @Nobody. And play the following song in your head, “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!” with visions of baseball bats to computers in an empty field. LoL

    • Soul Bro

      Post count: 323

      I come to the board to specifically read your posts. I’m appreciative of your thoughts and hope you reconsider… at least related to bigger topics like the draft, free agency, etc. Blessings…

    • Anonymous

      Post count: 3527

      Lol, The perfect cherry topping for picture perfect season.

      Dude spent the last 3 years I’ve posted here throwing Jason licht and all his draft and free agency choices under the bus as the reasons to why we kept on losing, and the very second his ‘brilliant’ ass was proved wrong on literally the most grandest of scales possibly, he wants to tuck tail and run.

      Thank you, And Don’t forget your ball.

      • BuccaNOLEer

        Post count: 1046

        The proof is behind center as to what this team really needed.

    • Donkey_Hunter

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      You’ve been one of the biggest bright spots this forum has ever had.

      I see you’re leaving next the other board as well.

      Get some r&r, buddy. You’ve earned it.

      Hope you venture over to Twitter. That’s where the majority of good posters have gone.

      Best to you and yours.

      • FireLicht2020

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        Where abouts? You just follow PP, and buc press like Auman?

    • Tampa Bay Todd

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      Can’t thank you enough for sharing your insight and experience about many aspects of football with us. Count me among the people that learned a lot by reading your posts. Be sorry to see you go. Yes it feels great again to know what winning the ultimate prize in football is like for us long-suffering Bucs fans!

    • SwarmingDefense

      Post count: 264

      Your breakdown of film was top notch.

      It will be greatly missed.

    • bucinkorea

      Post count: 10

      I have to echo Soul Bro’s sentiment. So until next time…

    • BucsSavant

      Post count: 276

      When proven wrong, takes his ball and goes home. Good riddance.

    • Greattimes

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      Bump to get rid of advertising post.

    • casren

      Post count: 300


      Man, I hope you come back at some point. I regularly come on to this board just to find posts you have written. I have been checking in, over the last two weeks, just to find a post written by you. Anyway, whether you come back or not, thank you.

    • Charles

      Post count: 599

      Yeah…great poster. Good luck to you.

      Much respect.

    • Culo Con Dientes

      Post count: 539

      Posters can come and go as they please. Really no need to start a thread in order to do so.

    • Gareth

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      I will miss our conversation that are based on a respectful exchange of ideas of options, even if we disagree. If these conversations could happen face to face I think it would help with all the bullshit and trolls are often more civil when the possibility of getting punched in the mouth is there.

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