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    • TampaBayBucs55

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      Its great having football back, but let’s face it… Watching just isn’t the same with no fans. And going to a game with less fans than a Bucs preseason game is probably a serious let down.

      How bittersweet will it be of we go deep into the playoffs (possibly play in a home SB) and there are no fans or very few fans. Going to packed games is half the fun of following a football team (imo). Hopefully this COVID crap gets resolved before December, so we can enjoy a playoff run.

    • seekpar

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      It is sad to see all these empty race tracks, pitches, arenas, ballparks, stadiums, etc. Things will get better in 2021.

    • BP1

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      Tony Romo made a facetious comment about the crowd being a factor in a game this weekend. lol

    • RHBucsFan

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      I’m thankful to have the games available for TV viewing, but not allowing ANY fans at all is dumb. They can easily accommodate some fans and continue to allow them to social distance.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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