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      1) take a look at the snaps Evan Smith tosses back to Winston.  How is he a starting center.  Look at Rodgers and Brady both of their centers get it back to them on a line, Smiths look like my sister is trying to snap. 2) Winston looks afraid to throw it after his first pick but I'm not tossing in the towel on him.3) defense bites on the play action every single time.  4) lovie calling plays or Leslie doesn't matter the Tampa two is getting picked apart by a rookie QB. 5) dougie looks good about the only positive 6) Titans blitzing the shi... Out of Winston yet our defense is sitting back expecting magic with the front 4.  Why we aren't blitzing the crap out of Mariota blows my mind.7) gonna be a long season but this is only a half.  Hopefully we make steady progress.  Maybe Evans coming back might spark something.

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      There’s already a thread about this…. and I covered most of these topics….

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