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    • Diehard Astheycome

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      Idk what to think of it. I’m going to believe BA on this. Hes had that brace on since forever. Plus Florio is the most DESPERATE drama Queen with a voice Ive arguably ever seen.

    • Greattimes

      Post count: 1065

      Making a mountain out of a mole hole. Sports Reporters have to say or write something to get a paycheck. Facts simply do not matter anymore, it is all about creating hype.

    • BeachBumBuc

      Post count: 74

      Every major player has an injury by end of season. This isn’t news. But Florio looks like a nerd who hasn’t picked up a badminton racket.

    • TB-BucFan4Life

      Post count: 560

      Another attempt to bring controversy and smear Brady’s name. This is what you get when you’re the goat.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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