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      I just posted this in another thread about this, and I felt compelled to reply here to:Sad news.  Godspeed Mr, Williams.  He always seemed like a nice guy, although I never met him personally.  I know the players lobbied hard for him to be the interim head coach, and then the permanent head coach when Perkins was fired.  I know Testaverde, and Carrier specifically went to ownership and pushed hard for him to take the full time role in 91.  That 1990 season was a weird one.  It started off so promising until Dallas beat us for a second time on one season- that in itself was weird.  I believe we were lIke 4-2 or 5-3, when we played Dallas for the second time and lost again.  After that the season just spiraled down the drain.  I remember how cocky and upbeat fans were- the stadium started chanting " we want Dallas" at the end of the Packers game the week before we played Dallas the second time.  It really felt like we might be turning a corner.  Then reality hit and we started getting blown out week after week.  Years later I remember reading an interview with Aikman, who pointed to winning that game in Tampa as the beginning of the Dallas dynasty, when the players truly bought into Jimmy Johnson and what they were doing.  Two franchises intersecting while going in two totally different directions....Ugh.

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