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    • red816

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      Think these would be good players to target in free agency?…Per League Rules, The 2018 league year and free agency period begin 3/14 at 4:00pm ET.

      Happy Hunting! Go Bucs!

      Offensive Line
      – Cameron Fleming
      – DJ Fluker
      – Zach Fulton
      – Ryan Jenson

      Defensive Line
      – DaQuan Jones
      – Dontari Poe
      – Adrian Clayborn
      – Aaron Lynch

      – EJ Gaines
      – Tre Boston
      – Morgan Burnett


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      Don’t see Lynch being a fit unless we go full 34. Also don’t seeing Clay coming back. Other then that, I’m on board.

      • XFactor

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        “Don’t see Lynch being a fit unless we go full 34. Also don’t seeing Clay coming back. Other then that, I’m on board.”

        He’s probably my number 1 target at DE at this point, Lynch. I’m on board for making the switch to a 34. He’s an up and down player and he’s got the whole McCoy thing in regards to getting pressure but not sacks. Pressure is better than nothing.

    • PassThePigSkin

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      Horrible list. I wouldn’t mind Gaines and Burnett the others are just depth player. Add Poe

    • mgchat76

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      Josh Sitton, Ryan Jensen, Poe, Gaines, and McKinnon. If this were the free agent signings I would be very happy.

    • jerseybucsfan

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      Mgchat76, those are the exact 5 I’d target. We need 3 of those. Maybe add a Willie Young or Okafor and definitely try and snag Cody Parkey the K.

    • SaskBucs

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      I also concur with Mgchat76. The other item on my wishlist is to stop seeing posts from Casren… we get it pal.

    • TBChucky

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      I’d love that MGchat76. That would make me feel like they’re putting a solid effort to plug some holes.

    • Anonymous

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      Poe isn’t a luxury. He would improve the weight class up front by a good deal. He is a beast.

      Adding Jensen would be awesome as well.

      I would be happy with those two as the “big” signings. After that, Bucs need to sign a few (more?) mid-level free agents, and draft well. This team is still in a potential upswing as a result of the quality skill positions on offense being ramped up, and the available cap room.

      But they ain’t winning any titles this season. No damn way.

    • casren

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      Has this RedBoard discussed Eric Reid?

      What about Eric Reid?

      Apparently he isn’t getting much interest due to his kneeling. I don’t want to talk about the kneeling here, as I am sure people have passionate options. What I will say is that the kneeling would in no way impact whether or not I would sign someone.

      So, anyone have any thoughts about Reid? He is listed very high on this list:

      Here’s his own website:

      I respect this man.

      Here’s what SI writes about him: Teams would be foolish to pass on him because of the anthem protests. He’s a playmaker and one of the better multi-tool defenders in football, with significant experience at both safety spots, in the slot and at linebacker.

      To put this in perspective, some website have rated Reid above any other safety in this FA class (including even Joyner, H. Badger, Burnett, and Vaccaro). Others disagree, but still have right up there.

      ESPN had him rated as the #22 FA, above Butler, Jenson, Pugh, Burnett, Fuller, Melvin… etc. They write: Reid will provide another test case for the ongoing impact of NFL player protests during the national anthem. Reid is one of the organizing partners of the initial movement. We all know what happened to his friend, colleague and former teammate Colin Kaepernick. Reid would be a prized target, but even he understands the potential limits on his market.

      And yet… due to his kneeling!!!?:(!? nobody has come after him. BTW, he is only 26. This guys has not been a discipline problem.


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      I’m not a fan of 9’er DB’s after Eric Wright jacked us for $$$$$ and wasted our time!

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