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    • OneTruthisBack

      Post count: 1915

      Test Brees arm to get the pressure(you better get pressure)…stop the run on the way to the passer and man cover tight under. Hit Brees.

    • LVBUC2

      Post count: 178

      How about 15 yards for a hit to Drews ribs?

    • BucsFan83

      Post count: 286

      So you guys want to be like the saints during bounty gate eh?

    • FireLicht2020

      Post count: 5729

      It’s been so long since OT actually wrote something.

      Usually it’s just YouTube conspiracies.

      *slow clap*

    • Swash

      Post count: 164

      “Kill the head and the body will die”? #GreggWilliams

    • buc_boi

      Post count: 3259

      Yes, hurt that SOB.. being in Jameis, eat some W

    • TBChucky

      Post count: 1408

      Brees gets the ball out so fast it’ll be hard to get many hits without penalties. It helps that he’s only throwing 5-8 yards a pop. Sit on that stuff and make him attempt some floaters deep.

    • 3rd String Kicker

      Post count: 1108

      I hope we get to Drew today early and often, but I also hope the only injury Drew suffers from today is to his pride. Lets retire Brees tonight in style, the Saints really embarrassed our football team twice this year, our fans and this team deserve redemption today! Win, and win big!

    • Mic

      Post count: 1854

      Yea test his arm out but don’t give him the td 🤦‍♂️

Viewing 8 reply threads
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