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    • FireLicht2020

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      You might need to go back to pumping Rand Paul, and Rand Paul only

    • TheChronicHotAir

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      Do you really think Hunter Biden’s biggest national security threat is “drug addiction”? Hint: nobody cares

      Joe Biden used his position as Vice President of the United States to compromise U.S. assets in order to benefit his Trash Family.

    • BucBit2

      Post count: 41

      Dum Trump fux only ones caring about Hunter

      Y’all get a life. Maybe a job

    • Donkey_Hunter

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      Hint: nobody cares

      Except for you, of course.

      Scoreboard Fgt!

      Honk Honk!!!

    • jbear

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      Great thread about what a reasonable and decent human being Glen Greenwald is. I thought you didn’t like him because you got all mad every time I asked you to read one of his articles about civil liberties.

      Keep on waking up fire and one day you might be invited to sit at the grown ups table.

    • FireLicht2020

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      You’re turning more and more into a binary thinker.

      I told you I follow Greenwald on Twitter. Much of what he says I disagree with but I still appreciate the difference of perspective.

      This is why you’re part of the two-party “mindset” problem.

      Greenwald can say something I agree with…

      AOC can say something I disagree with…

      It’s OK to take things case by case instead of having a cult-like devotion.

      Like the one you have of Rand Paul.

      So in this instance Greenwald is clowning you. Did this give you an aneurysm? Blink one for yes

Viewing 5 reply threads
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