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    • G.O.A.T. Pellets
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      If I was looking to be critical I’d still be hard-pressed to find a noticeable hole on this team.

      I’d like a little more clarity at running back, successor for our 57yo QB, a non-Gay Kicker and better LB depth…aside from that short list…where are we weak? Grading it out position by position:

      QB – B+
      RB – B
      WR – A+
      TE – A
      OL – B+
      DL – A
      LB – B
      Secondary – B+
      Special Teams – B

      We have depth, we have play makers, we have high upside prospects, we have athletic freaks of nature, we have dependable vets. We are going to be really good!!!

    • freddy
      Post count: 956

      Not counting pretty balanced as in both being horrible, the 1979 Bucs with Williams, Eckwood, Jimmy, LeeRoy, Hugh, Batman and others was a pretty balanced and good team. Otherwise, can’t think of another example.

    • JC5100
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      My man really said RB B, OL B+, DL A and secondary B+

    • leeroybuc93
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      This whole season rides on whether Davis, Murphy-Bunting, and Dean are as good as they looked towards the end of the year or if it was a mirage like the “Keith Tandy is a one man secondary” stretch a few years ago.

      If they are that good then a B grade might be warranted. Still, I’d need to see it a lot longer than 6 games to call that a B right now.

    • BP1
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      I’m having a fantasy moment. Our current offense with our Super Bowl era defense. Can we say multiple rings here? I can only dream in my sleep number bed. :)

    • notabucsfan
      Post count: 425

      Are you drunk or forgot to take off the pewter colored glasses? I do think our team is more balanced just because we haven’t had any big losses and have upgraded starters and depth at some positions but some of those graders are a little high.

    • TBayXXXVII
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      My man really said RB B, OL B+, DL A and secondary B+

      I’m ok with the DLine grade. The other 3? Yeah, I think he’s grading on a curve. LOL

    • Hockey Duckie
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      We technically don’t know what we have at starting RT and starting S as we have rookies probably starting there. We’re barely at average at RG and the other starting safety position.

      After seeing more tape on Vaugh, I really like him as a complement to Rojo as he doesn’t struggle to catch the ball, but also loves to initiate contact.

      The only problem I see is the type of offense we’ll be implementing now that we have both Brady and Gronk. We really don’t used TE’s much, but Gronk can be used often blocking. How much will our offense bend to be tailored for Brady and Gronk?

    • Alldaway 2.0
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      I think the Bucs are more balanced now with the edge obviously going to the offense. Defense has a lot of young players that need to improve. If they do than this team is going to be strong across the board IMVHO.

      Build the trenches!

    • Barnz1
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      Across the board in terms of starters we’re pretty balanced. Depth wise is where I think the season could be a struggle if we cop injuries. If someone went into the time of ranking depth across all 32 teams I would wager that we would be near the bottom.

      – The QB depth is bottom 5 in the league
      – The RB depth is bottom 5 in the league
      – The OL depth is concerning
      – The WR depth is average at best and I could argue bottom half of the league (if you consider Tyler Johnson as a starter WR3)
      – The TE depth is amazing
      – The DL depth is bottom 5-10 in the league
      – The OLB depth is bottom 5-10 in the league
      – The LB depth is solid
      – The CB depth is solid
      – The safety depth is solid

      If we’re legit making a SB run we need veteran depth signings in a number of areas.

    • BucBalla85
      Post count: 2505

      The team should be better than they were last year. The difference in turnovers should help a ton. I think the overall number of total yards the offense had last year will be down but it will be a more potent and efficient offense. Defense is a question mark but they looked good at the end of the year and have everybody back. They should be better than they were last year once they get comfortable.

    • Nobody
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      Disregarding QB (if teams lose their starting QB, its typically irrelevant what else they have, outside of a few instances), our depth in the most important areas (OL, on-ball – Edge + iDL, CB) is terribly thin.

      Baltimore is the model for depth here, but there are other teams (SF, NO, Indy, Dallas, GB, Tennessee; notice a pattern?) that have the same depth model.

      How many OL can Baltimore comfortably giving extended playing time to in 2019? 8.

      Us in 2020? 6.

      How many On-ball players can Baltimore comfortably give extended playing time to in 2019? 7.

      Us in 2020? 5 (if you’re “comfortable” with relying upon Nelson with his 2019 injuries and his miniscule 2.4 % Pressure Rate and only 5 Stops in 152 Snaps…you’re kidding yourself).

      How many CBs can Baltimore comfortably give extended playing time to in 2019? 5.

      Us in 2020? 3 (and this is including Dean who has had multiple major knee injuries in his life).

      So when it comes to the key depth places, Baltimore (the model) can weather an injury-storm with 2 more players than us that they can comfortably put into the lineup for extended time at each major position; 6 total.

      The middle/mid-bottom of the roster is so hugely important. And the bottom of the roster (DBs, ILBs, RBs) is so incredibly important for Special Teams. We’re not remotely up to par with the best teams in the league at these places.


      Put another way,

      If any of Yanda, Humphrey, or Judon goes down, Baltimore can deal with it.

      If any of Marpet, Davis, or Barrett goes down? We’re in trouble.

    • DerekPHFD
      Post count: 350

      Can someone please give me the all backup team? Here is how it works, if Brady is healthy, we win. Do you think Kansas City wins a Super Bowl without Mahomes? Is baltimore a contender without Jackson? Who is the back QB in San Fran
      ? If Aaron Rodgers goes Down is GB in the NFC championship game?

    • JC5100
      Post count: 3362

      Going into 2013 the team was probably more balanced on paper and started 0-8. Remember the 2012 team went 7-9 with the #9 offense, #1 rush D and #32 pass D and added Revis, Goldson and Banks.

    • Anonymous
      Post count: 750

      The most likely injury is one we don’t have a plan for. QB. How can you go all in on Grandpa Bay, and not have a plan for backup? The rest of the depth discussion is silly. Tampa is more talented on D than they have been since Kiffin. That’s not debatable.

    • Pennywise
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      Brady has played 16 regular season games,10 out of last 11 years

      Didnt play in 4 games over last 11 years

      Hasnt missed a game in 3 years

      Not to mention all the playoff games he has played in over last decade.

      Brady will be fine

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