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    • Diehard Astheycome

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      I can’t figure out for the life of me why this guy can not get his just due nationally or the casual fan. He’s been our most dominant and consistent lineman for years now. He is respected by those who know the game but I think even TB fans take him for granted.

      This guy has moved around the line and still been as dominant even by the new “ Bible” standards of PFF.

      You’d think with us winning a SB and protecting Brady on his way to ridiculous numbers, helping a physical dominant run game vs 3 top 7 defenses, etc that FINALLY he’d be recognized but nope!!

      Even when he went down only one guy on ESPN stressed his importance of being out for us. Not one media outlet truly acted as if he was a big deal.

      If you look at our hiccup mid season it’s when he was out! I get Wirfs had a great rookie year but even in one year more people piped n chirped for post season awards n accolades for him than anyone has ever done for Marpet all his years combined.

      Look at the difference he makes when he’s in the lineup n when he’s out. Brady has .3 more seconds to through and we average almost a yard n half more per rush attempt.

      It will be my mission all year to get this guy at least in the Pro Bowl. He’s long overdue and he’s approaching the middle years now. He deserves to retire with more accolades on his resume.

    • buc-in-out

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      He didn’t go to a big school, and he has a kind of a goofy name?

      He’s been a probowl/all pro for the past 2 seasons for sure, agreed 100% with you on all points.

      I hope as this team has 5 primetime games as defending SB champs he’ll get his due!


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      Wirfs same thing.

      He played at an all pro level from day 1. Vs elite competition as well. No training camp. No OTAs. Stud.

    • Roy

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      Win another Superbowl. That would help.

    • Donkey

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      It comes with winning. Paul Gruber had a HoF worthy career playing for the Succaneers and never got any national recognition.

    • RHBucsFan

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      Only linemen from big city teams get recognition. Marpet and Wirfs would be first team all pro last year if they played for the Cowboys

      • TCB2W!

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        Do you include Cleveland and Indy but not us as a big city? BC two of the 5 1st team online last year were from those teams.

    • Greattimes

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      The Tampa Bay Bucs are the NFL’s version of Rodney Dangerfield, “don’t get no respect”.
      The national press favors the big city teams, NE, NY, Dallas, LA and SF. When it comes time to vote for NFL honors those big city writers vote for their hometown players. Look at the scheduling the Bucs have faced over the years. When they play games in London, it is always a home game. (The Glazers are at fault for that as much as the NFL). Even during games, when calls could go either way, historically the calls went against the Bucs. (Bert Emanuel’s no reception call in the playoffs).

Viewing 6 reply threads
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