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    • mdbuc

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      I’ve been a Bucs fan since I was a kid starting around 99. So during the heyday of the Bucs defense I was too young to appreciate the individual greatness.

      My question is basically how good was Warren Sapp? Donald has won DPOY and has led some great defenses by today’s standards. Is his greatness and dominance akin to Sapp’s?

    • 3rd String Kicker

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      Warren played 3-tech at a time when the NFL was still very physical and the ground game was still the way of the league. What I loved about Warren was that he would talk a lot of trash before, during and after a football game. He gave opponents all the material/motivation they needed to put the biggest chip on their shoulder and defeat him…. and he still got their quarterback. He did not look like an athlete in today’s sense, he looked like a big guy who likes barbecue and somehow snuck into the locker room and was wearing some guy’s jersey. He would flail his arms, hit lineman in the face, gauge eyes, clothesline people, horse collar the heck out of backs. Seeing the waves ripple in his stomach as #4’s eyes were wide running for the sidelines looking for mom made my week every time! Maybe I am partial, but I’d take Sapp any day. I don’t think he would last in this league though.

      Aaron is an amazing player, we’d be lucky to have him for sure. I think he’s the best DT in the league for sure. Comparing these two though. Warren has a ring and he earned his stalking a Packer quarterback. Donald will be watching the Packer’s quarterback playing in the Championship from his couch next week.

    • Boid Fink

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      Wouldn’t mind either on my team, I would take Sapp but I am biased. But I wouldn’t bat an eye if Donald was the “alternate”.

      I thought Ray Lewis was a nasty defender as well. Really made a lot of stuff happen from the MLB spot. Between those three guys, I wouldn’t complain at all.

      But if I had a guy I really wanted, Lawrence Taylor all the way. Watched him play and he was unbelievably filthy, every down.

    • Biggs3535

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      Warren Sapp is my all-time favorite Buccaneer. He was a first-ballot HOF for a reason. He was an incredible player.

      But Aaron Donald is a freak show at interior DL. I’ve said for years that he’s the best DL since Reggie White, and I’ll stick by that.

    • Bucman

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      Aaron Donald is a monster and so was Sapp. But Donald is just a different breed. He’s been then Sapp and may be the best player in the league.

    • BeachBumBuc

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      Difference with SAPP is how he elevated others play around him. Raised the standard. He like 55 did this. Not sure Donald delivers in the same way.

      Tom Brady does that also. Raises the bar and changes the culture. Losing isn’t acceptable.

      SAPP was known for planting another player in the locker room due to his mouth and attitude. That was legendary.

      Just saying for me Sapp was like LT in his flashing in big games. And big moments

    • Watchman

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      Sapp was a beast, one of the best DTs of that era. One of the first to rack up big sacks #s from the DT position.

      In my opinion Donald is better. Aaron Donald has consistently been the best DT, and arguably the best D player in the NFL since 2016? Consistently a monster.

      1997 Sapp was a monster, but 98 he wasn’t the same guy (still an elite DT), then 99 back to being a monster.

      There may be some recency bias, tough to say.

      Both elite. Sapp is a HOfer, as Donald will be. I believe Donald has more all-pros and DPOY than Sapp.

      Sapp had 96.5 sacks over 13 years. Donald has 85.5 over 7 years. League has changed a lot, so Donald gets more opportunities to get sacks.

    • watson

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      I would take Sapp first since his personality drove the whole defense. I don’t see that same characteristic in Donald…..absolutely awesome athlete, but not that Alpha Dog that Sapp had.

      Both of these players were/are great, but if I’m rating my best DT, that would go to Mean Joe Greene. He was unstoppable and they had to dedicate so much attention to him that others on that defense were consistently one on one.


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      I love me some sapp but donald>sapp

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