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    • creamsicles

      Post count: 632

      He freed up the edge rushers and collapsed the pocket. I was thrilled they used him for the pass and not the run. It’s amazing how our edges look different when he is on the field.

      Sure hope everyone is healthy for SB and Gronk gets his TD to break the record 😊

    • Lawdy

      Post count: 782

      definitely, was double team alot

    • FireLicht2020

      Post count: 6653


      Collapsing the pocket inside just changes everything.

      Vea back was enough to overcome losing both starting safeties…

      Just barely tho

    • Mrshowstopper

      Post count: 148

      Agreed! Now, let the Derwin James conversation end please! Vita showed us in his absence why he is the anchor of that line and why he is so important

    • ussoldier77

      Post count: 55

      This is a fact, he was extremely disruptive and allowed Shaq and JPP to do their thing

    • dalbuc

      Post count: 723

      Yeah Vea was just unreal to see playing, and the coincidence of Vea being back and all of a sudden the pass rush looking like it existed again can’t be overlooked.

    • Detrimental

      Post count: 1589

      Vea is dominant man. Unreal

    • Hockey Duckie

      Post count: 1493

      Vea helped Barrett get a sack today because Vea forced Rodgers to turn backwards, right into Barrett’s arms.

    • TBChucky

      Post count: 1446

      You know Shaq and JPP we’re glad to have him back! Hopefully he’ll be able to play even more in the big game!!

    • Biggs3535

      Post count: 6427

      “The difference” may be a little hyperbole. Vea had a great game, but Green Bay scored 10 points against a Vea-less Buccaneer team earlier in the year. Honestly, Green Bay not having David Bakhtiri was huge. Both JPP and Shap put a whoopin on Billy Price tonight.

      I’m sure some will read this as a slight on Vea. It isn’t. I’ll repeat: Vea had a great, impactful game. Going to need that vs. KC or Buffalo.

    • leeroybuc93

      Post count: 1378

      I don’t think he was the difference today… but I bet he fucking will be in two weeks!

    • Team Pteranodon

      Post count: 772

      His push was key on like 2 sacks I saw in particular, but now he got some time to get in even better playing condition and be an even bigger contributor. Hard to not say that shaq and jpp alone dominated their matchups to make the difference, because it sure wasn’t running for 2 yards on every first down.

    • Bucsfan79

      Post count: 133

      For someone who has not played in 4 months….He was fantastic with his inside pass rush!!!

    • Jed

      Post count: 1135

      The defense had to learn to play better when Vea went down. This makes them even better with him in there now than they were at the beginning of the season.

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 1832

      Every defensive set I checked to see if he was on the field. Whenever he was, good things happened.

      Big guy manned up and played every series at the end of the game. Know he had to be gassed but he knew we needed him.

    • Pewter Pirate

      Post count: 1597

      Vita is just a man beast

    • TBChucky

      Post count: 1446

      It was awesome to see Vita back out there flying around! One of my favorite Bucs! I’m very happy for him, and very happy for our team! GO BUCS!!

    • knucknbuc

      Post count: 443

      vea is my second favorite player to watch mike evans being my first and devin white being third. i knew it was a big loss when he went down. shout out to those guys tho they balled out. but hes a difference maker the guy is so unique its not funny.

    • Lord Nemesis

      Post count: 274

      So happy for him. His presence certainly was noticeable today.

    • ABuccsFan

      Post count: 385

      Vea was a great pick. The big dude is the nicest, nasty guy.

      “For a brief, shining moment in history a select breed truly lived free.”…….Unkown

    • Mic

      Post count: 1862

      Vea gave nothing for Arod to step up into

    • seekpar

      Post count: 1048

      Loved the HS film they dug up of VV at RB. Imagine trying to tackle a 300 lb + running back in HS. Nuh uh. No. Nu nu nu nu no.

    • Crazyhorse54

      Post count: 48

      He bullrushed the guard so many times it was actually funny. Only thing I could think of was Rodgers was lonely in the pocket and needed to talk to his Guard for advice. Vea provided that opportunity. He’s a beast!

    • Pennywise

      Post count: 10099

      Vea is a beast,his first snap of the game until his last,he allowed others to do their job

    • JBSouthpaw

      Post count: 64

      And now he gets 2 weeks to get more practice reps.

      AND A.W. JR. will be back too!

    • NotDeadYet

      Post count: 1284

      I remember that draft; we had the #7 pick, and traded down to #12, just ahead of the Redskins, who were expected to take Vita. Many here wanted us to take Derwin James at #7, but he lasted all the way to #17.
      #7 now belonged to Buffalo, who took Josh Allen. The Redskins settled for Daron Payne, a big DT who we just faced. He had a pair of sacks on Brady in our playoff win.
      Derwin James? He has spent as much time on IR as on the football field…

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