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    • Pewter Pirate

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      Why does the kneeling have to be during the anthem? Why not during player introductions or the coin flip? So many opportunities to do it. Why do it during the national anthem, where it clearly bothers or offends a lot of people. This simple change would quash the whole problem. The kneeling is done during the anthem because it is a coordinated move to create publicity. It was meant to create controversy. Bad publicity is still publicity. If kneeling was truly to only get out a message, it would be done during player introductions or the coin flip.

      Very few Americans are against peaceful protesting and very few are against Kapernick taking a knee during the game at a more appropriate time. Very few Americans believe police killing unarmed people of any race or gender is good. People empathize with those issues. It’s the choice to kneel during the national anthem rather than than during the coin flip or player introductions that causes the controversy. To some people the anthem and standing for the anthem means a lot. Unfortunately the pro kneeling crowd has zero to little empathy of people having that position. By being against the timing of the kneeling does not mean a person is for or against a political issue. Being against kneeling during the anthem does not mean a person believes what happened to George Floyd is right. It simply means there is a more appropriate time for the kneeling to take place like during player introductions.

    • TheChronicHotAir

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      Or players could kneel on their Loser Instagram pages on a Saturday and pretend anyone gives af about their opinion. (?)

      I’m just looking at positive alternatives…

      dance, dribble, sing, STFU. :-P

      I like it!

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